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Can Humanities And STEM Go Hand In Hand? The Tussle Continues!

humanities in a STEM world
January 21, 2021
Author : Syd Howell

It would not be an exaggeration to call today’s world an epitome of STEM! But what’s STEM? It means science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In the present world of big data and STEM, the degrees in humanities are often undermined or called as ‘worthless’. The general perception towards liberal arts and humanities is that what would a student majoring in these disciplines do, except being a teacher?

Having said that, in the era of disruption, these disciplines could never be more crucial to mankind ever before. Every technical job opportunity requires decent communication skills that only a humanity course can bestow you with! Therefore, there is a pressing need to study the humanities in a STEM world or rather, incorporate these disciplines within the big world of STEM. 

Humanities is an area that imparts several skills in a student, starting from communication, observation and proceeding to make them empathetic towards the surroundings- some traits that probably, every recruiter is looking for. Without these skills that humanities teaches, students can never become good leaders.

Owing to this, you can understand how and why this subject is gaining importance. Realising this, our humanities assignment help experts are fully geared up to play the role of mentors and guides in your lives, when you get stuck with the humanities assignments. With the help of our intricately-designed assignment samples, you can easily get all your doubts cleared and complete your work within the given deadlines.

areas of humanity

What Is The Importance Of Humanities In The Technical World?

Most of the times, students get inquisitive to know why we still need to study the humanities in the STEM world. The answer to this question still remains unanswered. But, our humanities assignment writers have tried to decipher the answer.

Well, if we think of the near future or the short-term effects, then probably you would find the opportunity of humanities as bleak. However, with the advancement of technology, all the major tech organisations are racing towards AI, which is a combination of consumer technology and our day-to-day activities. This is the area where we require humanities the most.

AI understands concepts, while we humans understand language. Thus, it becomes mandatory to ‘translate’ both of these concepts so that there exists a harmony between humans and machines. Humanities is responsible for doing this. This is the importance that humanities hold in the technical world. Soon, artificial intelligence would be seen acknowledging the interpersonal skills in humans.

Even in this situation, what draws students to believe that STEM is more useful than humanities? Let’s find out.

Why Do Students Believe That STEM Is More Important Than Humanities?

The governments all over the world, starting from China to Malaysia have been pouring billions of dollars in enhancing the importance of STEM or in simple words, painting the humanities worthless or less relevant in the context of the present times as compared to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Other than this, according to a research conducted, the occupations that are related to STEM are growing at a rate of 17% every year, while the ones that are associated with humanities and liberal arts show a growth of just 9.8% every year. Naturally, these figures encourage students to go towards the STEM world.

Additionally, the viewpoints of our parents, relatives and friends impact us to a great extend, isn’t it? The general perception of the society we live in is quite evident in the way every topper student is advised to opt for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses as compared to the humanities courses.

All these factors contribute immensely to make students believe that STEM has a lot more importance as compared to humanities. However, the omnipotence of humanities is what has helped several reputed universities open up for those of you who want to specialise in the field of humanities.

Can The World Progress Without Maintaining A Balance Between Humanities And STEM?

The world of big data and Science, technology, engineering and mathematics can never go alone; both of these are codependent entities. Despite this fact, sadly, we reside in a cultural ‘tech obsessive world’.

As rightly said by Steve Jobs, “Technology is solely not enough; it is the union of technology and liberal arts, in companionship with the humanities, that provides us the situation where our heart sings”.

The quote is enough to explain the importance of striking a balance between STEM and humanities in the world today. While technology is the latest trend today, minute details from humanities help in elevating the technology and making it accessible to consumers. Take the example of how iPod revolutionized to iPhone!

So, even if you decide to take up a humanities course instead of one from the STEM field, you are not proving yourself to be worthless or anyway ‘less superior’ than the engineers, doctors, scientists or mathematicians in the world. If you are perplexed on which university to choose for yourselves, then our humanities assignment help experts can assist you in choosing the right ones!

Top Universities In The World That Offer Humanities Courses To Students

Over the years, the demand for humanities has increased manifold times. Due to this, more and more students are taking up these courses all over the world. Are you one of those students? For this, our humanities assignment help experts are fully geared up to assist you with all your assessments.

In the past decade, a lot of students have approached us with their queries and we have readily furnished them with instant answers. Following are the top universities offering humanities degrees to students worldwide. Do you know all of them?

1. The University of New Orleans, USA

The College of Liberal Arts, Education and Human Development is one of the most popular universities to study Liberal Arts from. The university lies in the heart of the diverse city of Orleans in the USA. You can pursue several humanities courses here like fine arts, English, History, Philosophy and more.

university of new orleans

One of the most distinctive features of this university is that it also offers a chance for students to attend writing workshops abroad. The college holds lectures, excursions and workshops in several universities all over the world. Here, you can have the best opportunity to enjoy your humanities degree abroad.

2. University of Bath, UK

It is the university that is ranked on number 4 for the best student experience. The curriculum offered to students is a high-calibre curriculum that is easily able to engage students. Also, the university adheres to the tef Gold standard research, which is why it is also among the top colleges that provides an opportunity for students to study subjects like internationalisation, language practice and academic leadership.

Following are the academic departments that the humanities sector of the college comprise of:

  • Economics
  • Languages and international studies
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Health
  • Social and policy sciences

3. Johns Hopkins University, USA

The humanities faculty of the university works on the motto of “transcending all the boundaries”. Even if you want to curate a museum or want to produce a motion film, or even want to try your hand at writing, then this is the university to be in. As Johns Hopkins believed in humanity, so does the course provide various bright prospects to students in these courses.

As per our humanities assignment help experts, these are some of the top reputed universities in the world that will make you stand apart from the crowd, even the people who have specialised in STEM. So based on your knack, decide and get started with the course that suits your interest the best.

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How Our Humanities Assignment Experts Help Students In Aiming For Excellence?

Now that you have finally realised that no subject is less important, it is time for you to begin the endeavour of excelling in the field that you have chosen. With little guidance of our humanities assignment help experts, it is possible for you to reach the grades that you have always desired for.

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