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Case-Based Comprehensive Care Plan

Case-Based Comprehensive Care Plan
September 20, 2019
Author : Keith Morris

Suppose you are a patient admitted to a hospital with a serious illness. A health care provider examines you on the first day where you tell him about your problems and he listens to you. After meeting with other patients a few hours back, he comes to you and again asks you about your problems, would that be called a good care environment? slide2 Before we go on to tell you what are its intricate aspects, let us understand the comprehensive care plan definition.

What Is A Case-Based Comprehensive Care Plan?

Patients who are having special health care needs along with their families, physicians, as well as community providers, are bound to get benefits from having a clear written medical summary or plan of care for any emergency treatment plan. If you are looking for comprehensive care planning for long term care facilities then such case-based plans are essential.

When do Must Care Plans Develop?

It is important to develop a comprehensive care plan which needs to be done:
  1. Within seven days after an effective completion of comprehensive assessment task.
  2. The case-based comprehensive care plan should be prepared by the attending physician and the registered nurse that takes care of other appropriate stuff, determined by the patient’s needs in specifically taking care of them.
  3. These comprehensive care plans are periodically reviewed and revised by the concerned team of health care professionals after every assessment.
Health care providers specify the care plan goals and focuses on taking the necessary actions towards the fulfillment of such goals.

Components of Case-Based Comprehensive Care Plan

The major components of an effective comprehensive care plan are:

Medical Summary

It contains a shorter version of synopsis that describes the patient’s current diagnosis, medications, and recurrent problems, community-based care methods along with past medical history. Some effective components include:
  • Emergency contact information
  • Diagnosis and list of active problems
  • Allergies and medications
  • Contact information of the Specialist Provider
  • Transport and Equipment needs
  • Previous medical history of the patient
  • Coverage concerns or any specific recurrent problems
  • Community providers
  • Hospitalisations

Emergency Treatment Plan

The medical summary can sometimes include all the information about emergency treatment and serves as both the summary as well as an emergency plan. The emergency treatment plans are much more similar to medical summaries but differ with a baseline of physical and lab data. Therefore, health care providers have accurate chances of diagnosing a problem by looking into an emergency treatment plan and fulfill the needs of all the care plan goals.

Working Care Plan

A care plan includes all the patients’ health care needs which are simply written during his visit. There is likely to be a set of careful detailed plan which is developed when every situation of the patient has been assessed. The corresponding comprehensive care plan helps in directing the role of the concerned coordinator. Effective components of the care plan include:
  • A set of prioritized lists containing the elements of main concerns/goals.
  • The current clinical information which is relevant to the concerned goal.
  • The persons who are responsible for that intervention.
  • Due date of the concerned intervention
Learning how to prepare such case-based comprehensive care plans is crucial, especially if you are a nursing student.

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Keith Morris

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