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Case Study On MBA501 Dynamic Strategy And Disruptive Innovation

Case Study On MBA501 Dynamic Strategy And Disruptive Innovation
February 18, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

MBA501 dynamic strategy and disruptive innovationis a comprehensive unit that helps students gain knowledge of the internal working of various organisations. When students study this unit, students get an opportunity to gain a command over a variety of techniques that are used for research about the internal infrastructure of several organisations. There is a reason why these assignments come to ourmarketing assignment helpexperts mostly from management students. Through these assignments, professors assess how well students know to critically examine the internal infrastructure of an organisation and based on that put forth a variety of ways to enhance the innovativeness of a firm. With My Assignment Services, students get a variety of reference assignment solutions for a variety of assignments that are rolled out to them. In this blog, we will talk more about the different kinds of assignments that may come your way when you studyMBA501. So, let’s get started.

MBA501 Jonathon Jacob and Henry Schultz Case Study

To test how well you know to examine the internal structure of any organisation, you will be given a case study to analyse. For now, our marketing assignment writers will be talking about theEssendon Food Solutions (EFS) case study. It is a firm that was started byJonathon Jacob and Henry Schultz. First, let us see the case that we got for this question. MBA501 CASE STUDY This is theMBA501 Jonathon Jacob and Henry Schultz case studythat will help you study the internal structure ofEssendon food solutions (EFS). For this case study, you need to prepare a 10-minute video recording and a three-page summary. This is an individual task and contributes 35% to the overall grades for the unit. To analyse this case, ourmarketing assignment helpexperts focus on four aspects:
  1. The internal structure of the organisation (EFS)
  2. The market research techniques that will be used
  3. R&D methodology
  4. Strategic leadership and SWOT analysis of the company
After studying the case study thoroughly and finding all of the above-discussed aspects, our experts begin drafting the solution of the assessment. Now, let us talk about the format of this assessment that is followed by our panel of experts.

Disruptive Innovation Capabilities

Based on the analysis of theMBA501 Jonathon Jacob and Henry Schultz case study, ourmarketing assignment writersbegin with the video presentation on disruptive innovation and talk about the ways through which the organisation can foster innovativeness. This reflection is based on the following perspectives:

1. Internal perspective

The first section of the video talks about the chief internal factors that affect the innovative capacity of the organisation. These include the culture of the organisation, structure of working, resource allocation as well as the human resources that exist in EFS. Also, ourmarketing assignment helpexperts offer recommendations in this section that can be used in the future.

2. External perspective

Next comes an analysis of the key external factors that impact the innovative capability of the firm. Using PESTLE analysis, we find these factors within the organisational structure of EFS. These include economy, resources, technology, and social conditions. Just like the previous section, this part also includes some recommendations.

3. Marketing perspective

Customers or consumers play a crucial role in every organisation. So, in this section, our experts talk about all the main factors that are related to the target audience of the organisation. This is the marketing perspective that is discussed here.

4. Technology perspective

All the innovative processes that are carried out in the organisational structure of EFS are discussed in this section. Also, the role of technology in enhancing the innovative capacity of the firm is highlighted here.

Strategic Leadership

This is also an important element forMBA501 Jonathon Jacob and Henry Schultz case study. In the video, ourmarketing assignment helpexperts analyse different kinds of leaders who are present within the organisation and underline the traits of a perfect leader who can foster innovativeness in the firm. However, this is just an analysis of the case study that was given to us. There are several other similar types of case studies that we have dealt with for ten years. If you wish to get the complete reference assignment solution for this assessment or any other similar file, then just submit all the requirements to us. We will get back to you with a comprehensive solution for the same.

Imperative Elements Of AnMBA501 Jonathon Jacob And Henry Schultz Case Study

Now that we have been able to set a basic outline of this assessment for you, we would like to throw some light upon those vital aspects of these assessments that are prime. While drafting the reference assignment solution for thisMBA501 Jonathon Jacob and Henry Schultz case study, ourmarketing assignment helpexperts make sure to include the following elements in them:
  1. Through your assignment, you must be able to critically analyse and apply a plethora of management theories and practices in real-world situations.
  2. There must be a clear distinction between traditional organisational theories and practices and those that are present in modern contemporary situations.
  3. Management competencies that are a requisite for the present-day global workplace.
  4. Use of ethical theories and social responsibility so that organisational sustainability can get fostered within different organisations.

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