CC Music Operations And Information Management Case Study Assessment Answer

CC Music Operations And Information Management Case Study Assessment Answer
March 12, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

Deciphering a case study is already a tedious process and when it comes to writing accurate solutions for a management case study, the process could become even more complex. Talking about operations and information management case studies, there are several aspects to look at. For more than a decade now, our management assignment help through guided sessions experts have been engaged in underlying these for students to make it easier for them to use in the solutions. We, at My Assignment Services, are the largest one-stop destination for all your assignment-related queries. In this blog, we will be discussing the CC music case study and with the help of it, our expert will try to clear the requisites in these case studies. So, let us begin.

Background of the CC Music Case Study

The assessment task here is to prepare a report based on the case study. Before we go on discussing the report in detail, let us dive a little deeper into the case study to know it better.


Chris and Clive are planning to invest in the CC music company and know that it will take a business approach to know whether they should or not. As an operations and information management consultant, students are required to research the business and then provide a consultancy report for the same.

Now that we are clear with a brief background of this CC music case study, our management assignment help through guided sessions experts will take you further into the report that they have drafted for the reference purpose of students.

The consultancy report that we drafted consisted of four parts. Let us discuss each of those parts now.

Part A: Analysis of business process models and strategy

In the first section of the report, our management assignment writers conduct an analysis by using two business models. The first model is depicted in the image below.


The models that have been used here is a Collaborative B2B processes model (public). Through this model, we explained the communication process taking place in the firm. We have used this model to publicise the required business strategies among the partners working for the business.

The next model that has been used is the internal business process model (private) as shown in the image below.


As this model emphasised upon the perception of a single business firm, it was easier for us to manage the internal aspects with this. All those activities that cannot be traced through public perception are looked upon through this internal business model.

After these, our management assignment help through guided sessions experts conduct the PESTLE analysis for CC music industry.

Part B: Open source comparison table

The second section of this report is the open-source comparison table. Here, we highlighted the details of all the sales activities, leads, opportunities, customer handling (CRM), communication, reporting, resource and inventor management.

Taking into consideration different open-source software like Vtiger, Tryton and ODOO, we found out the best open-source software that meets all the requirements of CC music company.

Part C: Report

The third section is writing the report. Generally, our management assignment help through guided sessions experts include the introduction, findings and analysis, roadmap, advertisement and conclusions and recommendations section in the report.

Segregating all the relevant into these fixed headings help our management assignment writers to represent the data in a systematic way.

Part D: Reflection

The last and the final section of this consultancy report is the reflection part. Here, we talk about the personal experiences that we have encountered in managing the business procedures of the CC music company.

Briefly relating the processes with the business models used, we reflect upon the technological advances taking place in the organisation that has helped it achieve success. In addition to these, various data and figures that demonstrate how we have managed the team are also highlighted in this section.

This brings an end to the CC music operations and information management case study assessment. However, this is not the entire solution for this management case study assignment. We have catered to several similar kinds of case studies and provided excellent solutions for the reference purpose of students. If you wish us to help you write effective solutions to this case study, then you just need to WhatsApp us the requirements of your case study assignment. We will get back to you shortly with the entire solution file.

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