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What Can I Do with a Certificate IV in Information and Communication Technology?

What Can I Do with a Certificate IV in Information and Communication Technology
March 21, 2022
Author : Julia Miles

Information technology is a field that is ever-evolving and continuously changing. When mentioning human achievements, technology is one of the human race's best achievements, shaping the world today. From the mini calculator you use to the supercomputers, all such innovations are the results of the technology innovations that came to life over time.

When someone mentions information technology, many just think of a person who uses a computer or the IT department at the workplace. But, in actuality, information technology comprises more than just computers or the Internet. Innovations such as IoT, AI and 5G networks result from advancements in IT.

In recent years we've witnessed the inclusion of information technology in academic curriculums. Since elementary school, coding has slowly become a necessary part of the school curriculum. It helps students keep up with the changing times and develop a newer skill set.

what are some it jobs

What is a Certificate IV in Information and Communication Technology Equivalent to?

Certificate IV in Information Technology can be the cornerstone for your journey toward becoming a tech genius. Acquire analytical expertise in graphics, cloud services basics, network security, interactive technology, basic technical support, connectivity, coding, platforms, and web design. The curriculum explicitly emphasises cloud technology and coding abilities as a mixed methodology.

The AI sector will be worth 190 million dollars by
2025, with 27 million dollars spent on just artificial android
development. New jobs for developing, testing, maintaining
and programming will emerge in the times ahead.

Depending on the course curriculum, a diploma and advanced diploma programmes typically take two or three years of learning. After completing a diploma course, you will get jobs demanding a wide range of complicated skill sets and sound knowledge of the information technology sector. These credentials are typically regarded as pursuing two years of university education. Some possible job profiles you can apply for are:

  • network operations technician
  • computer technician
  • systems administrator
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Risk Analyst
  • RPA Analyst

A diploma or undergraduate degree in IT can help you land a job with a good starting wage. It's a sector with many potentials for students to make a lot of money and have a fulfilling career.

The field of digitisation and networking can be challenging to a few, and most students face tribulation when learning to program. Yet you must learn all the concepts to broaden your grip on the practical aspects of the field. Get computer science assignment help from experts in the field that can help you learn and compose your assignments. Enrol today to get started.

IT trends 2022

What Are the Current Trends in the IT Sector?

The top five information technology trends in 2022 are:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Despite AI being an extensive part of our daily lives, it continues to be among the most important trends in the IT sector. AI technology is akin to machine learning; it's just a more supervised version. Our requirements, especially our reliance on technology assistance, are shaped by AI.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA or Robotic Process Automation helps automate various tasks, it works similar to AI and ML. RPA automates corporate activities, analysing apps, executing operations, managing information, and responding to emails. RPA optimises processes that formerly required human intervention.

Over 5 billion internet users exist in the world
currently; the Asian continent population contributes
to fifty per cent of the internet traffic globally.

Edge Computing

As the amount of data in business processing is increasing by the day, organisations are learning about the limitations of cloud technology for various reasons. Edge computing addresses some of these issues by avoiding delays in cloud computing.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

All of us are familiar with virtual reality through VR games that have achieved a lot of popularity in recent years. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the new emerging Extended Reality are the next big trends in the field. AR enriches the gamer’s surroundings while VR captivates them. Although this technology development has mostly been applied for gameplay, it is also being used for professional training regimes, VirtualShip software, a computer simulation that helps educate naval officers in the US defence lineup.


Following the Internet of things, 5G is the upcoming technological wave. 4G innovations allowed us to access the Internet and improved bandwidth for streaming music or videos online, and more. The 5G functions will transform our lifestyles completely due to improved services based on sophisticated technology such as AR, VR, and cloud-based real-time gameplay. You can stop being anxious about saving your game.

Even though innovations are always developing and changing our lives with them, these five technology trends provide exciting job opportunities currently and in times to come. Every new trending technology seeks skilled individuals; right now is the time for you to pick courses like certificate IV in information and communication technology, get educated, and board the bandwagon when it’s still at its beginning.

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Is Information Technology a Good Career?

In contrast to other industries, the IT sector moves swiffer. Firms are seeking personnel serious about learning and accommodating innovations, as qualified people keep growing. So here are some factors why working in this field may be rewarding for you.

There will be over 30 million Internet of things
users by 2025, as reported by Statista.

Career growth

A job in IT is considered a vocation in the technology sector. An IT certificate is a good time investment as it yields a high level of profitability. Cybersecurity professionals, network designers, and website designers, for example, are enjoying a twofold annual increase.


Individuals in this field develop their abilities with time, applying for various desirable positions. However, improvement is expected, and certain talents, such as programming, are unquestionably useful. People with strong skills become a need for the business, keeping them in professional demands.


In this field, a postgraduate degree ensures that consultants are recruited as a requirement; hence they earn a six-figure income in the information technology field. IT is regarded to a decent quality as a vocation that requires devotion, expertise, and sound knowledge. To word it bluntly, there are high paying and satisfying jobs; it all depends on your skills and knowledge. So you must never stop learning and keep up with the trends.

You Finished Certificate IV in Information and Communication Technology; now what?

A Certificate IV in Information Technology is good enough to start your IT learning. Students can also pick a specialisation when pursuing this diploma, like networking, web development, or digital administration support.

Information technology might find twice the
growth in the workforce, with few fields increasing
by four or five times by 2030.

When you decide to advance your professional career, you can pursue an undergraduate degree in IT or IT technology at a college. Doing so will help develop your skills and open up new employment prospects for you. A university qualification will enable you to challenge more diverse roles in the field.

All such concepts like network programming, machine learning, edge computing, and cyber security are important aspects of the information technology sector. Learn all such concepts through live guided sessions with experts and get Computer Science Assignment Help to develop the best projects for all your classes. It's quick and easy just to fill out the enrollment form.

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