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Challenges Faced by the Students at La Trobe University

Challenges Faced by the Students at La Trobe University
June 20, 2018
Author : Andy

After discussing why one should enrol in La Trobe University, we would also like to see the other side of it - the problems and challenges faced by those students. Kindly note that all the views and opinions mentioned in this blog are solely based on the experience of La Trobe students. My Assignment Services do not carry any responsibility for the authenticity, and the names of all our volunteers have been kept confidential. As we all know each and every university has their own pros and cons. So here, I’m going to share some of the darker sides of this University which students do face during their stay at La Trobe University.

Disorganised Staff Work

challenges  “Their administration work is not much captivating. Their staff members are also not that good. Some students of this university have reported that the staff mostly lecturers response to the emails or doubts are appalling.”

Substandard Teaching Faculty

substandard teaching faculty “The courses over here are not so informative. The learning management system through which the education is offered is not user-friendly at all. Even the enrolment is pretty hard for a non-technocrat to understand.” Some students have even reported that random allocation of teaching staffs.

 No Free Parking

parking  There is no free parking so you have to pay for parking while you are working. In almost every other university, parking is free for the staff members and students.

Politics at its Peak

politics at La Trobe  “Innovation is blocked by Senior Executive; however, they continue to pour taxpayer money down the drain on initiatives that end up getting dumped e.g. student portal.” Another university student said, “The students and politicians involved are more interested in short wins and political hob-knobbing to climb career ladders. This presents incredible wastage of money for the short term wins (sic) and an abundance of money is spent on "consultants" for little or no benefit.”

Poor Planning and Organisation

poor planing  “Their procedures keeps on changing with the rules and regulations, there is no such consistency at all. This is only a profit-oriented institution”- reported by the ex-students of La Trobe University. There were many other opinions such as, “People with absolutely no expertise in the sector are put in strategic leadership roles based on who they know instead of what they know.” Students were angry while talking about the claims and promises of the university, saying – “Heavy investment in marketing and recruitment is made to sell "pipe dreams" to students. This institution forgets investment in students once they are inside the door.” With such opinions, it won’t be wrong to say that Executive decision makers are proving to have “Sink or swim mentality" despite the "hype" they peddle. Moreover, lack of long-term planning and commitment means students are losing a lot.

Destitute Maintenance

Their building leaks when it rains. This issue has been known for some time. There were issues managing the funding grant so that my contract length was uncertain.

Difficulty in Commuting

diff in comuting  If you are residing quite far off from the university then commuting can become a bit of a hassle due to heavy traffic during peak hours, also, the university is not very well connected for other transport means. We are not criticising the university. My Assignment Services is just bringing certain issues in the forefront which were being reported by the present as well as former students of La Trobe University. So, make a wise decision and before enrolling, don’t forget to view the case from different perspectives. My Assignment Services is proud to present help students get all the information regarding their favourite college and university. We provide assignment writing help services for all the subjects offered by LTU. To order your high assignment grades, fill the enquiry form or contact us now!  We are open to suggestions, so, if you think we have left something out, let us know in the comments below. We are My Assignment Service – Your personal academic expert!

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