CHCCOM005 Communicate And Work In Health Or Community Services Assessment Answers

CHCCOM005 Communicate And Work In Health Or Community Services Assessment Answers
April 09, 2020
Author : Bill

If we ask you what is the most important trait that every nurse in Australia must exhibit, what will be your answer? As per our nursing assignment help experts, it is the quality to effectively interact with client, colleagues and other health providers.

This is what the unit, CHCCOM005 teaches. This is a unit for aspiring nurses that enables them to communicate face-to-face across multiple health and community service domains. There are so many assignments designed for the students studying this unit. If you are looking for Communicate And Work In Health Or Community Services Assessment Answers, then My Assignment Services has got it covered for you. Just like several students have relied upon our reference assignment solutions for more than a decade now, you too can get your hands on high-quality assignment solutions from us.

Elements And Performance Criteria Followed In CHCC0M005

Just like mathematical problems have some fixed formula to solve them, there are certain elements and performance criteria designed for CHCCOM005. Before you begin drafting these assignments, we must let you know about these.

Following are certain vital elements that our nursing assignment writers include in their reference assignment solutions.

  1. With the help of the assignment, you must be able to communicate (verbal and non-verbal) your ideas with people concerned effectively. Not just this, it is also to be ensured that your patient is understanding. In addition to this, the concept of confidentiality is prime.
  2. Your assignment must be an attempt to collaborate with your colleagues. Here, you have to use proper industry terminology in all mediums of communication.
  3. The reference assignment solution which our nursing assignment help experts draft also addresses constraints to communication. Using suitable techniques and strategies, you also have to resolve the constraints.
  4. Your assignments must work as reports for the supervisor to let them know about the problems which might include legal and ethical issues, non-adherence to standard procedures, issues that impact the achievement of any employee etc.
  5. You must also use clear, accurate and objective language if you are describing an event.
  6. Lastly, the assignment that you draft has to be your contribution to continuous improvement.

“If you make sure that these elements are present in your Communicate And Work In Health Or Community Services Assessment Answers, then you would secure top-notch grades in them”, says Michael, a nursing student from Monash University who has contacted us recently for guidance.

Important Concepts for CHCCOM005 Communicate And Work In Health Or Community Services Assessment

For every assignment, there are some requisites that you need to be aware of, isn’t it? Hence, our nursing assignment help experts would recapitulate the most imperative ones, so that you gain a decent knowledge of them before writing your assignments.

These are:

  1. Legal and ethical issues in the context of communication
  2. Digital media used in community services
  3. Ethical decision making and conflicts of interest
  4. Different nursing models to support optimum client service
  5. Various techniques of communication
  6. Barriers to communication
  7. Influences on communication

These are some of the major concepts that play a vital role in CHCCOM005 nursing assignments. Are you aware of these? If yes, then you are good to go. If not, then it is the right time to get assisted via a live one-on-one session with our experts' option. Let us see how these are used in the Communicate And Work In Health Or Community Services assessments now.

The Three Modes Of Assessments Which Forms CHCCOM005

Now that we know which concepts underline the entire unit, it will be easier to understand the basic approach to these assignments, that is used by nursing assignment writers.

Three assessments are rolled out to students studying this unit. Let us discuss each of them in detail now.

Assessment 1: Underpinning Knowledge Questions

Based on the concepts that we recently discussed, certain questions test our knowledge on them in the first assessment. We maintain a highly-qualified and experienced panel of nursing experts who have a firm command over all the concepts. Thus, we handle these questions with ease and help students write better answers for them.

Few of the questions that students brought to us are as follows:

  1. List three attributes of verbal and non-verbal communication
  2. Laswell’s model of communication V/S Shannon and Weaver model of communication
  3. How can networking help you in the workplace?
  4. What is motivational interviewing?
  5. What three national subsidy strategies exist in Australia?

As you can see, so many concepts are being covered in these questions, there are a lot of similar questions that students have send us. In case, you are not able to write answers to such questions, you can always rely upon our nursing assignment help experts for comprehensive answers to CHCCOM005 assessment 1 questions.

Assessment 2: Research Work/Project (Questions and Answers)

In CHCCOM005 Assessment 2, students normally get questions based on case studies. The case studies underline some concepts and we have to identify them and then answer the questions that have been asked.

Let us understand it better with the help of an example.

Breach of legislatio policies

As you can see, this is the case study that has been given to us. In this, our nursing assignment writers identify the legislation and policies that are being breached. With suitable evidence, they support their answer.

In addition to this, we also define the duty of care and how it can be applied in the given scenario in the case study.

Just like this case study, several students have turned to us for guidance on a plethora of similar case studies and we have helped them every time. Do you have a case study as well? Contact us to get the solutions.

Assessment 3: Observation of Practical Skills

In CHCCOM005 Assessment 3, students are expected to exhibit a firm command over the practical skills that they have learnt during the course. With the help of a scenario, students have to review the nursing care plan.

Sandy's Down Syndrome

After going through the case scenario, our nursing assignment help experts demonstrate effective communication skills within this situation. Also, we clarify and negotiate time-frames. This helps us showcase our practical skills within this context.

This brings an end to the CHCCOM005 Communicate And Work In Health Or Community Services Assessment Answer. However, this is not a complete solution. If you need it from us, then you just need to fill up the order now form.

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My Assignment Services is the leading nursing assignment help provider in the world. However, this has not been from the beginning. Over the years, we have made it possible by working dedicatedly and delivering high-quality academic guidance to students all across the globe.

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