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CHCECE015 – Attend to Daily Functions in Home-Based Child Care

CHCECE015 - Attend to Daily Functions in Home-Based Child Care

For a mother, attending to her son or daughter is a never ending, and an unrealised job. In order to be as good a care taker, there are courses available which allow one to be equally fluent in CHCECE015 – Attend to daily functions in home-based childcare. This course is recognised by the AQF which expands to the Australian Qualifications Framework. This only implies that the employers you pay a visit to tomorrow will value you as they would any other professional degree holder.

Outlining the course, it talks about the teaching involved which are required to develop and implement strategies which inculcate a careful and protected functioning of a child or a group of children. TheCHCECE015 – Attend to daily functions in home-based child-care course also introduces the in-detail aspects of how to implement distinct educational programs which in turn allows paves way for one’s holistic development for the course taker and the same for the children.

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Importance of CHCECE015 – Attend to daily functions in home-based childcare

  • For a person to start pursuing this course, he doesn’t need any prior experience or any eligibility criterium to be checked against. All one has to be eligible against is the age of 18 and completion of a year 10 course or certificate II. Of course, a qualification higher than certificate II would be welcomed.
  • The course covers all the basics and advancements revolving around childcare which is a mandate in order to move on to the next level of practice and some theory.
  • Childhood education is not a course like the likes of marketing, management, economics, but it plays a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance. What good would the children be to take up courses like management if they are not taken care of properly? This course allows a person to start with the elementary level of childcare education and progress onto better managerial job designations.
  • After the first module, the student who opts for this course would receive a free membership to ECA (Early Childhood Australia).

Potential Job Positions after completing CHCECE015 – Attend to daily functions in home-based childcare

  • Permanente Child Development Worker,
  • Team Leader (any level),
  • Associate Service Director,
  • Early Childhood Educator,
  • Coordinator – Family Day Care,
  • Children’sArea Manager or Service Manager.

The completion of the course requires passing a number of assessments listed below.

  • Video/Audio recording,
  • Logbook,
  • Simulation,
  • Workplace portfolio,
  • Practical assessments,
  • Quizzes,
  • Workplace assessments,
  • Short-answer questions.

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