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CHCLEG001 Work Legally and Ethically Assessment Answer

March 03, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

The field of nursing is mammoth and if you find your niche in providing community services within legal and ethical frameworks, thenCHCLEG001is what will suit you best. To be able towork legally and ethically, one needs to consider all the ethical framework that best fit while identifying the requirements of the health workers. Talking about the assignments that you would need to complete, the number is unending.Our professional panel ofnursing assignment helpexperts has been trained in such a way that none of the queries of students goes unanswered from our end. AtMy Assignment Services, we have catered to a category of different types of assignments that are based on various imperative concepts ofCHCLEG001work legally and ethically.So, let us see how the experts approach them that makes it easier for nursing students.

CHCLEG001 Assessments Covered by Our Nursing Experts

A lot of students worldwide are opting for this course to study. The reason is simple- the growing importance of community service in the context of nursing. Not only this, but we also know how crucial ethics and professionalism are for nursing students. Naturally, students are tested upon how well they are equipped with knowledge about community services and whether they can deliver it following the ethical and legal frameworks or not. As per ournursing assignment helpexperts, the three main types of assignments summarise the entire course for students. Let us look at each of those and give you a brief approach to them so that you don’t face problems in these assessments.

Assessment 1: Underpinning knowledge questions

Just like any other unit in nursing, the first task here for students inCHCLEG001is to demonstrate their knowledge in all the concepts associated with working legally and ethically. Certain questions are given that underpin the knowledge regarding those concepts. So, let us talk about a few of them and give you an idea of how ournursing assignment helpexperts write answers for them. australian legal system As you can see, the first question talks about thecommon legal issues relevant to the workplaceand the second question ask students tocomment upon the Australian legal system. For the first question, ournursing assignment helpexperts identify them as confidentiality, risk management, informed consent, relationship and malpractice. Coming to the second question, our experts commented upon the “Common law system”, also known as the Australian legal system. We first present a brief background for this and then relate it with the existing laws that are followed in the present day. types of law in australia The next question revolves around the two types of laws, which are civil law and criminal law. In the context of the healthcare sector as well, both these laws are followed. So, theCHCLEG001 work legally and ethically assessment 1mainly consists of similar questions that students need to answer to depict their command over several important concepts in nursing. Just like we have talked about the first three questions, we have also guided students with the entire assignment by providing them with relevant and comprehensive reference assignment solutions of this assessment.

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Assessment 2: Research work/Project (Q & A)

For the next assessment underCHCLEG001 work legally and ethicallyunit, ournursing assignment helpexperts advise students to make themselves equipped with the knowledge on these:
  1. Children in the workplace
  2. Workplace policies and protocols
  3. Codes of conduct and practice
  4. Work health and safety
  5. Practitioner/client boundaries
  6. Informed consent
  7. Duty of care
  8. Continuing professional education
  9. Human rights
  10. Dignity of risk
Based on these important concepts in nursing, students are then expected to analyse the given case scenario and complete answering the questions for this task. This is the case scenario that ournursing assignment writershave got for this assessment. CHCLEG001 CASE SCENARIO As you can see the case scenario has two questions in it. So for this, we understand the given case scenario properly and then begin answering them. As per ournursing assignment helpexperts, it is an obligation to report this situation to the police for the sake of human rights, irrespective of whether or not she is her client. Similar case studies and scenarios are given for thisCHCLEG001 work legally and ethicallyassessment 2.in case you require our assistance in this scenario or any other similar kind of scenario, then you can simply turn to experts for guidance.

Assessment 3: Simulation/Workplace observation of practical skills

PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES CHCLEG001 These are the performance evidence that will be demonstrated when you complete this third and the final task for this unit. In the final assessment, students are required to record the observations that they have come across in their real-life clinical practice. Ournursing assignment helpexperts have guided students on numerous such experiences which have made it easy for them to complete thislegally and ethicallyassessment 3.

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