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CHCPRT001: Identify And Respond To Children And Young People At Risk Assessment Answer

May 22, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

As the name of the unit suggests, students who are studying’Identify and respond to children and young people at risk’unit recognise the needs of children and respond to those who are at risk. The spectra that it covers are community and health services. CHCPRT001is a unit that familiarises students with all the skills and knowledge that are required to work with young people and children. There are several assignments which are rolled out to students when they get enrolled in this field of study. Ournursing assignment helpexperts have catered to over 2,500 assignments on this topic. Thus, in this blog, we will talk about how we draft these assessments in detail.My Assignment Servicesis known to provide superior-quality academic assistance to students globally for more than a decade now.

Important Elements ofCHCPRT001 Assignments

While dealing with identifying and responding to children and young people at risk assessments for ten years, we have come across several elements that are a must for writing flawless nursing assignments on this unit. This is why ournursing assignment writershave researched thoroughly on these topics, which is why we when students approach us with their doubts onCHCPRT001 assignments, we guide them effectively. Following are the most crucial elements that govern our reference assignment solutions:

  1. Implementing the work practices that enable us to protect children and young people.
  2. Reporting indications of potential risk factors involved
  3. Implementation of ethical and nurturing practices while working with children and young people

With the help of these elements, ournursing assignment helpexperts draft impeccable referenceCHCPRT001 assessment solutionsfor students. Want to know how? Let’s get straight to the approach to these assignments.

Want To Write PerfectCHCPRT001 Assessment Answers?

Now that you know about all the elements that you need to include inIdentify and respond to children and young people at riskassessment solution, it is time that we give you a quick glimpse of how ournursing assignment writersapproach these assessments. Let us discuss each of the assignments now. There are two parts to the assessment. While the first part is a collection of some short questions, the second part is a culmination of three case studies.

Part A

CHCPRT001 short answers All the questions that are covered in the first part are written in about 100 words. Ournursing assignment helpexperts make sure to answer these questions by adhering to child protection legislation and many otherAustralian frameworks such as the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethicsetc. In addition to this, we also make use of several organisational policies and procedures to provide credibility to the answers. Some of the questions that students bring to us are as follows:

  1. In your own words, define the term “child abuse”?
  2. What are some possible signs that a child is witnessing domestic violence at home? Identify 6 that you may observe in an early childhood setting.
  3. How would you act on a suspicion of child abuse when there has been no disclosure?
  4. Why is it important to write down your concerns in an accurate, objective, non-judgemental and timely manner about a situation of possible child abuse or neglect?
  5. Provide 2 examples of open and non-leading questions that you could use if a child tells you that they have been abused.

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Part B

The second part of theCHCPRT001 assignment solutiondeals with the cases studies that are based onIdentify and respond to children and young people at risk. The answers to the questions that are given for these case studies are written in about 200 words. In the answer, we include the frameworks that govern the protection policies and procedures. In addition to this, a lot of other concepts like the duty of care responsibilities, early childhood etc are also covered. Some of the case studies that have been solved bynursing assignment helpexperts are as follows: CHCPRT001 assessement case study Based on thisnursing case study, students have approached us with their queries on the questions that fall under this assessment task. The questions are as follows:

  1. What type of abuse or neglect do you think might be occurring?
  2. Who, in your service would you discuss your concerns with?
  3. How could you work with Tamara’s family to resolve the issues relating to her hygiene, health and diet?

For these questions, ournursing assignment helpexperts describe 3 strategies to address the problems that have been addressed in the case study. These are some of the questions that have to be answered by understanding the given case study. In addition to these, we describe the indicators of abuse or neglect for different types of abuse. These include neglect, emotional, and other types of abuse. Similarly, there are a variety of otherCHCPRT001 nursing case studiesthat we have catered for students. The question file for the case study 2 is shown below: CHCPRT001 ace nursing case study 2 Do you have any of these similar case studies with you? Then you can simply send it to ournursing assignment helpexperts. Within a few hours, we will get back to you with comprehensive reference assignment solutions for these case studies.

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