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Christmas Sale Is Finally Here!

Christmas Sale Is Finally Here!
December 22, 2018
Author : Alex

The moment you have all been waiting for, the Christmas season is finally upon us. The gods are smiling down on us as we all get ourselves ready for the holiday vibes, party, relaxing and a quality ‘me’ time. But there is one monster lurking in the dark. There is this one thing that is dreadfully waiting for its turn to strike you. Yes, it is none other than the “Panic Monster of Assignment Deadlines”.

Is There Nobody To Save You From The Terror?

Have no fear when My Assignment Services is here. For centuries, we have guarded the weapon of power against this terrifying threat. Our assignment help professionals have sworn their lives to this cause to never let this beast go out open in the world. Before I tell you more, you have to promise me that this secret will not be shared with others. This is the innermost secret and I could be hanged for high treason. This weapon is our Christmas Sale. Yes, you read that right. We battle this with our Christmas Sale where we offer a flat 50% off on all assignment writing services. The one thing that students love and this Panic Monster hates is when there is someone available to help with assignments and that too at a discounted price.

The Birth of Panic Monster – A Christmas Story

One fine day, my good friend Jacob Heather came running shouting that he was being chased. As an assignment help expert, it was my duty to offer shelter to the poor sod. I asked him what happened and he broke down into tears. I consoled him, gave him some food and water. With tears in his eyes, he began his narrative that I am sharing with you. “You know I am studying psychology course from the University of New South Wales, right? It was the holiday season and I was all geared up to take a trip to Amsterdam. Just when I was about to click on Book Tickets button, the professor gave me a sinister smile and said “Jacob, you are the team leader of your group and will be submitting a report on the effects of surgery on the mental state of the patient’s family due to finance in the next 10 days.” I was shaken. But my friends convinced me it was nothing and we had the time of our lives in Amsterdam. It was the 9th day when we landed. I was tired and went to sleep as soon as I hit the bed. Just then I heard a loud rumbling and a deep voice saying “Jacob, your deadline is nearing.” I opened my eyes to find nothing. I heard breathing behind me and as I turned, it was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. I ran and no matter how fast I ran, it was always behind me. No matter where I hid, it would always find me. Please, you are my assignment help expert, you got to do something.” It has been years since this incident happened.

Christmas Sale and The Battle With Panic Monster

After hearing Jacob’s story, I was determined to find this monster. I dressed like him and went out in the hope to bait it. My plan worked. As I was walking down a dark alley, a shadowy figure started tailing me. As soon as I was confident enough nobody was around, I held out my PhD degree and turned around quickly. With the light, the monster’s eyes dazzled and it fell to the ground. I could see the words deadline written all over its body and I knew that this was the Panic Monster of Assignment Deadlines who came to terrorise students during the holiday season. I stuck my degree on it but it wouldn’t die. Then I realised that I couldn’t kill it but I can contain it. Then I assembled a team of other assignment experts like me and forged a weapon into our PhD degrees. That’s how the Christmas Sale came into being. Every year the monster would come back and we would lie waiting, with our Christmas Sale to help the students. Centuries passed and our power grew, so did the monster’s.

Christmas Sale As Our Weapon

There are many things that the students fear about the panic monster. That is exactly what our experts battle –

We Bring It About Every Year

Every year, hundreds of students are not able to enjoy the Christmas feeling because they have an assignment and its deadline to worry about. Therefore, we aim to expand the effectiveness of our Christmas sale more and more by helping as many students as we can.

All Assignment Writing Services Are At Flat 50%

We know you are coming to us for help in the hope of a great Christmas sale. Then this is exactly what you shall get. Hence, we offer all the assignment help services at a flat discount rate of 50% off where you can get the best quality of the solution at the most reliable and affordable of the prices.

The Beam Shines For 4 Days

The monster has grown smart. It used to terrify just one day earlier. Now it comes back for several days. Our weapon is also activated for the days the monster is out in the world. Our Christmas sale is live from 23 December to 26 December.

What Do You Have To Do?

There is a simple and easy process for this. You will have to pre-book your assignments for a price of $250. Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be given a coupon code. This coupon can be used for the year 2019 which will give you an instant discount of 50% on all assignments. Apart from this 50% off discount, there are a few additional benefits that accompany this Christmas offer –
  • You will be given My Assignment Services’ premium membership (worth $50) absolutely free for one year!
  • We will deem you as our priority customer for entire one year. This means that your assignment will be given the highest priority, no matter how busy we are.
  • Oh, I almost forgot. You will also get free access to expert consultation on demand with assignments (which usually costs $40/hour).
One-time payment, yearlong benefits. This is a real bummer to the panic monster, trust me. Book it right now here.

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