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Clinical Placement Setting Nursing Assessment Answer: Do It Yourself (DIY)!

Clinical Placement Setting Nursing Assessment Answer: Do It Yourself (DIY)!
December 17, 2019
Author : Keith Morris

The clinical placementhas always been the most imperative phase in the life of every nursing student. The importanceof clinical practice for nursing studentsis not something new. Since the time of inception of nursing, students have benefited immensely from these placements. Commonly presenting health issues and care strategyin nursing, these placements enable students to get a deeper insight into the nursing field which they are studying. Owing to its importance, almost every nursing student is rolled out aclinical placement setting nursing assessment answerat least once in their lifetime. Do you find yourself in the same shoe? Don’t worry asMy Assignment Servicesmaintains a diligent panel ofnursing assignment helpexperts who are thorough with the nuances of writing these complex assignments. In this blog, we shall guide you on how to go about with these assessments and secure top-notch grades in them.

What Is a Clinical Placement?

Putting it simply, any arrangement that has been made for medical students where they can provide healthcare services to patients is known as aclinical placementsetting. When a term ends, nursing students get placed in various settings such as primary, secondary, community, etc. In these settings, students are expected to exhibit all their theoretical skills and relate them with the practical experiences that they would gain during their placement. Realising this, ournursing assignment writersguide students on these assessments by providing them with referenceclinical placement setting nursing assessment answers. With the help of these, students get an idea of how to begin doing these assignments on their own.

How To Draft a PerfectClinical Placement Setting Nursing Assessment Answer?

Now that you are clear with the concept of clinical placement, it is time for us to move ahead and give you a glimpse of the approach that we follow for doing these assessments. With the help of aclinical placement setting nursing assessment answer example, let us talk about the steps of doing this assignment. Clinical Placement Setting Nursing Assessment As you can see, this is theclinical placement assignment questionthat has come to ournursing assignment helpexperts. This is a reflection wherein you are required to reflect upon your own experiences that you have encountered in the clinical setting where you were placed. Based on that, you need to complete 5 tasks for this assignment. Let us explain briefly about each task.

Task 1

Clinical placement assessment answer task 1is the summary of the experience that a student has during his/her placement. Therefore, it has to be ensured that only the main points of your experience are highlighted. As per ournursing assignment writers, more articulate this section is, better your reflection becomes.

Task 2

InClinical placement assessment answer task 2, students are required to introduce the clinical placement setting where they have worked in. Also, the wide range of services that they have provided to their patients is needed to be included in this task 2. In addition to these, all the details about the patients who have been enrolled in their respective clinical settings also play a major role here. When mentioning these details, ournursing assignment helpexperts advise students to involve the demographic make-up of all those clients who have taken healthcare services from them.

Task 3

TheClinical placement assessment answer task 3is the next section of this assignment. Here, students need to recognise acommonly presenting health issue and care strategyin multiple clinical placement settings. After identifying the strategies, the next task is to make note of all the potential barriers that come in the path for attaining equity in health care services. When students have all these barriers handy, they can easily work upon improving the outcomes of the treatment of the clients. Thus, when you complete this task, you will automatically be able to access different healthcare settings, other than yourclinical placementsetting.

Task 4

InClinical placement assessment answer task 4, students are required to devise out new strategies to solve the problem that they have come to terms within their clinical setting. In this case, ournursing assignment helpexperts make use ofthe Primary Health Care Strategyto put forth three recommendations that would help them mitigate the potential barriers that had been identified in the previous task. Our professional nursing team of experts is thorough with this strategy and knows it well how to relate it well with the barriers to eradicate them from the healthcare setting.

Task 5

The lastClinical placement assessment answer task 5mainly tests whether students can apply their knowledge in other areas or not. For this, you have to refer to other relevant literature and justify all the recommendations that you have made in the previous task. When you have justified how your recommendations will make a significant difference in the existing clinical placement, this will bring an end to theClinical Placement Setting Nursing Assessment Answer.

Why Is Clinical Placement Important?

The time that nursing students spend during their clinical placement is of immense importance for them. There are several reasons why these nursing placements are important. These are:
  1. They serve as the road-maps that guide you towards the area of your interest. When you complete a placement in a specific area, you get to know whether you will be interested to make it your profession or not.
  2. As per ournursing assignment helpexperts, this clinical placements helpyou work upon different skills that are important in the field of nursing. These include undertaking physical examinations, noting down the history of patients, communicating with patients, establishing a therapeutic relationship with them so on.
  3. Students get to know what is professionalism in nursing and applying it while dealing with patients.
  4. During theseclinical placements, students also get opportunities to attend several clinical audits to guide their juniors on what they have learned during the placement.
  5. Students also get an exposure where they can interact with several doctors and consultants and get an idea about their roles and responsibilities in different healthcare settings.

What Are The Different Learning Environments UnderClinical Placements?

When you get an opportunity to work under any clinical placements, you get to witness a lot of learning environment that helps foster all the skills that are considered to be the requisites in nursing. Following are some of the activities that come underclinical placements:
  1. Consultant ward rounds
  2. Attending ward rounds with trainee doctors or senior doctors
  3. Clinics with consultants
  4. Operation theatres
  5. Outpatient clinics
  6. GP surgeries and home visits
  7. Multidisciplinary team meetings

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In this blog, we could only include the most essential features of aclinical placement nursing assessment answer. Several other dimensions to this still need to be explored. For more than ten years now, this is what we have done for students. Ournursing assignment helpexperts put forth all the aspects of this assignment in the simplest form so that students can draft a perfect nursing assignment. My Assignment Servicesis a trustworthy firm that takes pride in being the most favourite firm of students, whenever it comes to seeking expert guidance for their nursing assignments. Be it any topic, assignment or branch of nursing, we have never let any of the queries of students go unheard from our end. We ensure this by providing students with a wide range of value-added services that make the task a lot easier for them. Want to know more about them? Just talk to our customer care executives now.

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