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Coaching - An Important Element of Leadership Development

Coaching - An Important Element of Leadership Development
September 03, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

Let us all look back and reminisce about our past and think of our coaches. There’s splashing of good attitude in the surrounding. Isn’t it? Good coaches tend to give you a positive learning experience by making the most of the hard work and utilisation of full potential. Coaching is certainly something that needs to be passed on from one to the other thereby making an atmosphere of leadership. Today, there are many courses in Management, Sociology and more, undertaken by universities to teach students about leadership. With live one-to-one sessions with our leadership assignment help experts, you can enhance your growth as well as incorporate the necessary leadership abilities within yourself.

When Does the Need for Coaching Arises?

Coaching can become effective in the perspective of: Coaching Arises
  • To retain valuable employees who can emerge as the upcoming leaders.
  • Coaching can be effectively used as a succession planning tool to groom talented individuals to achieve good leadership positions.
  • When a company enters a dramatic shift or towards the newest stage of growth, leaders can assist you in taking control.
  • Coaching can be effective in providing the necessary toolkit of different skills to a newly hired employee or when an executive gets promoted.
  • Coaching helps to support employees who have arrived from other organisations and even other countries. This helps them in their alignment to the current organisation’s guidelines and frameworks with which they need to work upon.

Process Associated with Coaching

Coaching is not at all a one-day process, instead, it involves an opportunity that needs to grasp at the right time. Process Associated with Coaching Let us take a look at the following processes associated with coaching:


Well-Planned and effective coaching begins with a set of targeted assessment interviews that includes identifying a stakeholder in the determination of strengths, developmental opportunities, as well as set goals and objectives. Furthermore, there are various psychometric assessments that can be administered for the assessment of intrinsic motivators, personality factors, values and traits which contribute to self-awareness.


All the necessary results of such psychometric assessments and interviews together form the basis of the targeted assessment feedback which gets delivered to the concerned executive in preparing the finalising process of the coaching program.

Action Planning

Co-creation of the development action plan takes place with the help of coach and executive in specifying the objectives and success indicators that need to be completely analysed by means of major stakeholders.


The regular meeting of the executives and their coach determines the course of the assignment that translates all the learning into a set of action-plan which is implemented by the means of practical applications. You have to determine a midpoint and an endpoint triad meeting that can be facilitated by the coach with executive, HRBP and their manager to discuss the progress against the objectives.

Measure of Success

Giving feedback is an optimum method of caring about people’s performance. This can assess your progress against the normal objectives that can be achieved throughout the entire course. This is an effective medium to conquer these skills and implementing them efficiently.

Sustaining Progress and Continuous Growth

The formal coaching methodologies discusses the specified endpoint, executives as well as their stakeholders to be able to create a sustainability strategy that is needed for a continuous plan of learning and future success. All in all, some of the prerequisites are indeed to be there.
  • Strong alignment between the coach and the client.
  • The client or coachee must be motivated to improve and be committed to what has been taught to them.
  • The coachee should have strong industry experience so that he can drive the organisation towards the objectives.
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