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COIT11226 Assessment 2 Case Study Answer

COIT11226 Assessment 2 Case Study Answer
March 23, 2019
Author : Julia Miles

Are you a student studying in the Central Queensland University pursuing the unit COIT11226 Systems Analysis? Then you must be needing to answer the case study assessment or writing COIT11226 assessment 2 answer as it is more popularly known. My Assignment Services has a team of professional IT assignment help providers, and I am going to tell you all you need to know.

First things first, what is this assignment?

You see I solved this one in the previous academic year. Now we are in 2019. So, I just want to make sure that whichever assignment I solved is still relevant or not. Now, what I want you to do here is to open your Moodle and scroll to the Assessment Task 2 details.

Got it?

Now, check if the assignment that I solved is still same to yours or not. Here is a snapshot of the question file -

Do not mind the name of the company, okay? It will differ as per the case study you have been assigned. You need to check the general details of the assignment.

Are we on the same page? Very good. Here is what you need to do in the assignment.

You must be aware that the case study in the assessment 2 is the same on as used in the assessment 1. Assessment 2 is just an extension of the assessment 1. The system development project proposed in the assessment 1 is approved and now you need to investigate and discover the system requirements. Furthermore, you have to document the results of your analysis in modelling diagrams.

How will this assignment be written?

The assignment needs to be submitted in the format of a report. For easier understanding, I am going to stick to the case study I got as an example.

So, the report will include the following -

  1. The obvious cover page

  2. The introduction you did not know about

  3. Answer to task 1 (as if you were going to skip that one)

  4. Answer to task 2 (had to mention because you were going to write this answer in the end)

  5. Conclusion (because you were enjoying writing this report too much and did not want to end it)

  6. References (who needs any when you wrote everything that was magically thrust into your mind while you were asleep)

The moment is upon us. Open your arms to the sky as you get the answer to this question.

I will go on giving you the solution exactly as the format says it should be. It begins now.

Cover Page

For security reasons, the details have been replaced with generic words. This cover page is the one I was asked to prepare. Please read the instructions carefully to check if the format has changed or not for the assessments in 2019.


Your report’s introduction should contain the following -

  1. The aim and objective of the project mentioned in the document

  2. A brief explanation of what did you find in your analysis

Since you are writing this report for the analysis techniques, your introduction should be focussed on that. This means that you need to -

  • begin your introduction with the role of investigation techniques in the system.

  • You need to talk about the various investigation techniques that are available to choose from.

  • Discuss the data collection techniques and how they are related to the organisation in question (Tracksuits-N- Sportswear in my case).

Here is a snapshot of what you will include in the introduction and how you should frame your sentences -

Task 1

For the answer to task 1, you need to explain the various investigation techniques that are useful. The usefulness will be defined with respect to the new automated system that you are implementing.

Not just that, you also need to explain why did you choose the selected investigation method out of all.

Here is a snapshot of what your answer will look like -

Similar to the survey questionnaire, you will discuss about the other two methods. In my COIT11226 assessment 2 answer, I discussed the interviews as well as user observations.

Task 2

As defined in the task requirements, you need to represent the user requirements as UML models. For that, you need to prepare CASE diagram, CLASS diagram, Activity diagram and Sequence diagram.

This is what an activity diagram looks like -


Summarise your entire report in a paragraph and discuss everything that you have uncovered in the analysis.

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