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Contemporary Issues In Accounting Assignment 2

Contemporary Issues In Accounting Assignment 2
April 27, 2019
Author : Andy

The world of accounting is not anymore limited to maintaining ledgers and books. With the advancement of the world, the accounting profession also took a plunge further. Therefore, the students like you are given to write contemporary issues in accounting assignment 2 answers. The one thing that can make this journey easier is aid from an accounting assignment help provider.

A brief of the assignment

Instructions In the assignment file, you have 13 different forums or discussions. Out of these, you need to select and answer 6. Pretty simple? You will see. For every forum, you need to answer in a paragraph of around 450 to 500 words. The good news is that every forum has 2-3 questions. It is up to you to answer any one of them or to answer all of them. Let us begin this joyride.

Forum 1

This is the first question of the first forum that I have selected. question To write these contemporary issues in accounting assignment 2 answers, you need to conduct research on the accounting techniques applied by Starbucks. Now, the point to note here is that there might be a slight variation in the techniques adopted by different outlets. For example, what approach the New York store takes up may be different than the one by the stores in Adelaide. Therefore, in your assignment answer, you need to clear what store you are selecting and then study that one instead of Starbucks as a whole. You have to think in the direction of tax minimisation. Not only that, you need to justify the statement if these accounting techniques, as reported by media commentators, were impossible to be understood by the public or not. Here, you need to use secondary literature and then sync that with the understanding of the public.

Forum 2

Discussion There were supposed to be two quotes but let us just go with the first one. It says that history creates a past reality for us in the present and that the past can always be reinterpreted with a fresh perspective. To write these contemporary issues in accounting assignment 2 answers, you have to relate this with respect to the accounting practices. Do not worry, you just need to check how the accounting practices have evolved over the years. You will find that a large proportion of the new age accounting practices are simply a modification of the past ones and there are still many businesses who use ancient accounting techniques.

Forum 3

Discussion The question talks that there are several stereotypes in the world of accounting that exists. Some of them are that accountants are math nerds, that they are boring and that they are just good for doing taxes, etc. But you and I know that this ain’t true. So, you need to select one of these stereotypes. Let us take that accountants are boring. You now need to take a stroll through the secondary literature and give a brief of how this stereotype rose. How did it got attached to the accounting profession over the years and why is it still there after all these years.

Forum 4

Discussion In this assignment question, you need to read the Ford Pinto case. It was a serious controversy and a lot of debate was carried out. This case is considered to be one of the leading examples of corporate practice and the ways the accounting is used. Read the case study in depth and make inferences from the case study of Ford Pinto. On the basis of this case study, you need to define what did you learn from the accounting methods used by the Ford Motor Company.

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