Coronavirus Hits The Market. Economics Assignment Help

Coronavirus Hits The Market. Economics Assignment Help
April 17, 2020
Author : Andy

Be it finance, economics, accounting or any other subject, students all over the world are studying the impact of COVID-19 on their respective fields of study. There are several topics where we have guided students and helped them write exemplary assignment solutions. One of the trending finance assignment topics on Coronavirus for finance students nowadays is the Coronavirus Case Study: Lehman Sisters.

Considering the upheaval that this pandemic situation has done not only on the world economy but various sections of the finance industry, our finance assignment help experts have decided to cover this topic for you in this blog.

My Assignment Services has an abundance of professional writers who are researching and bringing out the best academic guidance on Coronavirus assignments in multiple subjects. For now, let us see the focus on this particular finance case study and answer the questions that follow.

Lehman Sisters Hypothesis

Before we get ahead with the assignment, we have got something interesting for you to know. The Lehman sisters hypothesis is based on the Lehman Brother’s collapse. It is believed that if there were more females in the management where the brothers were working, the company wouldn’t have had collapsed. This is a research-proven fact that women or females are more risks averse as compared to males. So, if more females are brought to the management, then there are low chances of risk.

If we try to relate it with the current pandemic COVID-19 situation and look at the countries facing it, we will notice that all those countries that are controlled by female prime-ministers or presidents such as Germany, Taiwan, Denmark, New Zealand, Finland etc have the least positive cases of Coronavirus!

That means there’s something true about this hypothesis, isn’t it? Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with the assignment, it is just a heads-up for you.

The Coronavirus Case Study of Lehman Sisters

This assignment consists of six questions and is for a total of 9 marks. Now, let us talk about the questions that students sent us for this assignment. We maintain a steadfast panel of highly-qualified and experienced writers to cater to the requirements of students. This is because they not only possess scholarly degrees in finance major from reputed institutions all around the world but also have an industry experience of more than a decade in handling these types of assignments. Thus, our finance assignment help experts are thorough with all the concepts that have been used to answer the questions.

First, let us look at the Lehman sisters balance sheet provided to us.

Lehman sisters case study balance sheet

As you can see, the assets and liabilities are enlisted in the table. You may have also noticed that the asset section is complete, but the bank capital in the liabilities section is incomplete. Let us proceed with the questions:

Question 1: Explain in words what bank capital is. How much bank capital do Lehman sisters have?

The difference between the assets and liabilities of a bank is the bank capital. Accordingly, our finance assignment writers calculate and complete the table.

For the next question,

desired reserve ratio

We are given the desired reserve ratio for this question, which is 10%. To this, 100 is added by the depositors. What happens to bank ratio when depositors withdraw their money? The excess reserve reduces and required reserve stabilizes.

For this question, our finance assignment help experts guide students on preparing a new balance sheet depicting desired reserves and excess reserves separately.

Coming to the next question,

impact of coronavirus on markets

This section describes the impact of Coronavirus on Lehman sisters case study. The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the markets due to which there has been a 50% loss to all the values in the balance sheet. To improve the reserve ratio of the bank, it can increase the interest rate for the customers that will help the bank to give a boost to the rate of reserve ratio. So, in this question, our finance assignment help experts prepare a reference updated balance sheet for students and also help them trace the changes.

capital ratio

Other than these questions, the questions that we have solved cover concepts like reserve ratio, capital ratio and several other core concepts of finance. There are various ways in which a bank can strengthen its capital ratio- focusing on the retained earning, issuing new equity, altering the asset side in the balance sheet etc. This way, a lot of other questions as shown in the image were sent to us for which we provided accurate and high-quality reference assignment answers to students. Our finance assignment writers can help you with the complete solution for this file. Similarly, we can assist you with similar assignments on Coronavirus. You just need to let us know the requirements and it won’t take more than a few hours to get back to you with the complete solution.

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Just like we helped you understand the Coronavirus Case Study of Lehman Sisters assessment, our finance assignment help experts can guide you over a wide range of Coronavirus assignments of any subject easily. Whether you need help in writing a coronavirus essay, article review, COVID-19 report, and more, you can get access to our samples to see how we work. Not just this, you can also request a one-on-one session with our experts to get instant guidance on the coronavirus topics for writing your assignment.

My Assignment Services is a one-stop destination where you can get the answers to all your queries and an amazing range of value-added services to make the task of writing assignments easier. So, contact us today and get a fresh solution drafted by our team of experts right at your doorstep!


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