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COSC210 Database Management Systems Assessment Answer

COSC210 Database Management Systems
January 29, 2021
Author : Charles Hill

It would not be an exaggeration to say that today’s modern world is the ‘digital age’. With the advent of technology, digital information systems have transcended every sector that is present in society. An enormous amount of data is now being produced with the help of digital information systems. This opens several opportunities for students to manage this data optimally so as to enhance the decision-making process and add value to the day-to-day activities.

COSC210 database management systems is an integrated unit that takes students around all the concepts that are associated with designing a database management system assessment. In the last ten years, we have been habituated in developing accurate reference solutions for students all around the world. The solutions that we have prepared for students are capable enough to provide a brief overview of the topics and concepts involved in these assignments and make it easier for them to understand.

To understand the database management system (DBMS), it is first important to know the three essential aspects, which are the data, the engine and the schema of the system. If students are able to manage these efficiently, then there will be no problem of data security or data consistency. With an efficient DBMS, students can access data and make wise decisions for the organisation.

There’s a lot of significance of the DBMS for students. Therefore, it becomes imperative for them to devise out high-quality assessment solutions for this topic. Our database management system assignment help experts have been trained in a way that we don’t take more than a few moments to work upon these solutions and make it easier for the students to secure desirable grades. Let us proceed and get to know this unit a little better.

Types of Database Management Systems

Topics That Are Covered By Our Database Management System Assignment Writers

In the last ten years, our experts have dealt with several topics that form a major section of the database management system assessment. There has not been any such topic that remained unanswered from our end. Using them, we have maintained a large repository of reliable samples for your reference. Before we can go on discussing them in detail, let us throw some light on the topics that have been catered to us recurrently for students. These are:

  1. Relational database
  2. Relational algebra
  3. Functional dependency
  4. Relational decomposition
  5. All the process related to using Structured query language (SQL) like modelling, creating and query within SQL and normalisation.
  6. Functional dependency
  7. Query processing
  8. Database security
  9. Transaction management
  10. Object-oriented and spatial databases

Having a solid knowledge of all these topics will help you produce an impeccable database management system assessment. Over the years, our experts have collated enough information regarding these topics and used them in the reference assignment solutions to make them enriched with important database management systems terminologies.

Now that we have discussed these topics briefly, it is time to provide you with a quick glimpse of how our database management systems assignment help experts apply them in the assessments that students send to us.

Do you know the types of COSC210 assignments that you will get as your tasks? Don’t worry, we will first look into the variety of assignments that have been catered to by us in these years for students worldwide.

did you know

4 types of C0SC210 Assessments That We Have Drafted For Students

To successfully complete this unit, it is a basic requirement to get through a wide range of assessment tasks to exhibit the command over relevant concepts for a database management system. In the past, we have made it possible for students to walk through their doubts and get their hands on immaculately-written assignments right at their fingertips!

For this, our database management systems experts have categorised all the assignments into a narrowed-down list of 4 types of important COSC210 assessment tasks. These are:

  1. Theory assignment 1(10%)
  2. Theory assignment 2(10%)
  3. Practical assignment 1(10%)
  4. Practical assignment 2 (10%)

Other than these, attempting an online quiz comprising 10% of the total grades as well as an examination comprising of 50% of the total grades is also mandatory for this unit. Though our database management system assignment help experts are capable enough to help you with each of these assignments, we will now talk about COSC210 theory assignment 2 that students have taken guidance on most of the times from us. In case you want us to help you with the remaining assignments, just let us know.

How To Write A Database Management System Assessment Just Like A Pro?

For now, let us concentrate on database management system assessment 2. With the help of a recently written assignment solution, it will just take a few moments for you to understand the main essence of such a technical assignment. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the details of this assignment.

theory assignment 2

As you can see, there are some question sets given for this assignment. The main objective of these questions is to apply the concept of functional dependencies so that it gets easier to database schema and make it a normal form. Here, we have discussed concepts like 3NF data schema, universal relation, query-tree representation, normal forms and more.

This is how we completed the first question of this database management system assessment.

COSC210 question 1

Similarly, we have helped students with a wide range of similar questions as well. Let us look at some of the other questions as well.

COSC210 question 2

Coming to the next question, here is a scenario given that has all the necessary information about students like the student id, name, birthday, degree etc. The task here is to build a relational database schema for the data that is given in the image above. It has to adhere to the 3NF database schema.

Our professional panel of experts is thoroughly familiar with all the technical aspects of such questions. Thus, we are capable fo equipping you with concrete knowledge of the database management system that is required to solve these questions, just like the one that our database management system assignment help experts have below.

COSC210 question 1b

These are just a few of the questions that we have covered for students in database management system assessment 2. This list is unending; covering a vast array of topics and concepts for these assessments, we have become the perfect choice of students for relying on. Do you have any such similar assignments with you? Just hand them over to our professional writers for quick assistance.

How Our Database Management System Assignment Experts Help Students In Understanding The Underlying Concepts For Their Assignments?

Have you been spending sleepless nights in finding reliable solutions for your COSC210 database management system assessments? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this venture. Our experts are here to help you with all your queries and resolve them instantly. Having diverse knowledge of all the important concepts in database management and a vast experience of over ten years in this field, it is just a matter of a few moments to guide students on the most appropriate way of writing COSC210 assignments.

To ease the burden off your shoulders, we have come up with an interesting range of value-added services for you. Now, you can track each and every step of your assignment writing process, get instant updates on the latest discounts and offers, request for instant unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with the work and more just with a click of a button! Download our recently-launched mobile application and get access to the world of our experts. For more information about our services, just give us a call right away!

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