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Courier Services and The Rights of Consumers - Consumer Law

Courier Services and The Rights of Consumers - Consumer Law
March 16, 2019
Author : Ashley Simons

There are times when the supplier of any goods and services sell on terms of a set of conditions but deny any liability when these conditions are violated. As a law student, you need to be aware of the rights of the consumer. And consumer law assignments assign such questions. Here is what you should know to answer these questions.

I am a consumer law assignment help expert and I am going to tell you what all are the rights of the consumers in any such case. Moreover, I will tell you everything that you need to know to answer these questions.

Courier Service and Consumer Rights

Any courier service operating in Australia have to comply with a set of rules that govern the rights of the customer. They can take their requests up to a court when the business accepts payment and does not supply it to the client.

Consumer Law assignment

Here, there are certain conditions that govern a supply process and the businesses have to comply with them. The consumer law assignment helpyou in learning about them.

Failure to supply the good or service

Generally, people send payments to the businesses so that they can supply them the good or services promised. And the business is liable to provide you with the said goods and services within the time they have specified. On the other hand, if the business did not specify any time for the delivery of the product, then they must supply it to the customer in a reasonable time that is justified for the product in transit.

For example, you bought a barbecue grill that the store said will be delivered in 3 days. Due to some unavoidable reasons, the delivery of the product got delayed. But how long do you think it will be postponed? 3 becomes 4, maybe 5? But what if your barbecue grill comes in after 2 weeks? A delay of 14 days to deliver a barbecue grill is not justified.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Consumption says that when such a situation arises, you should contact the business. This is the first step what every consumer law assignment writerdoes.

Accepting payment and not intending to supply

If the business does not intend to supply the goods and services to the consumers, the Australian Consumer Law deems acceptance of payment as illegal. The clauses here are -

  1. The business does not intend to supply

  2. The business is intending to supply a different product than what was demanded

  3. They know that they will not be able to supply the goods or services in the time period decided

Continuing with the example above, if the courier company knew that they would not be able to deliver to you the barbecue grill in the time period decided, then they should not have accepted payment.

Consumers - Consumer Law assignment

But, not to count the pennies too soon, there are exemptions to this law. These are applicable if -

  1. The business failed to supply the agreements due to a reason that was not in their control. For example, if the person who was supposed to pick up the grill and deliver it to you met a fatal accident. Such an activity is not in the control of the courier service. Hence, they are not liable for delay in delivery.

  2. They took every possible measure of caution and precaution to ensure that the product reaches you exactly as you wanted it to be. For example, the courier company talked with the police to arrange a traffic free corridor so that they can deliver to you the grill without any obstacle on the way.

To learn if your assignment is in the above or not, contact a consumer law assignment writing serviceexpert!

Does the rights also apply for repair or refund?

The ACCC allows the customers to demand free repair, replacement or a refund for the goods or services purchased. For that, you need to advice them that the following clauses are prevalent -

  1. You can get a repair if the product faces a minor problem. For example, a you purchased a new vacuum cleaner and it stopped working after a couple of days.

  2. You can demand a replacement or a refund for the product in case of a major problem. For example, you purchased a new vacuum cleaner and it gives an electric shock when plugged in.

You need to identify the case in the assignment with the help of consumer law assignment expertand then see if your client’s complaints fall in the above categories or not.

As a consumer law student, where should you get answers to your questions?

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