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CSIT440/940 Assignment Two Answer Guide

CSIT440/940 Assignment Two Answer Guide
April 17, 2019
Author : Julia Miles

This individual assignment is the one where you have to develop one research proposal. Are you a student who knows what a research proposal is but is not able to draft the one that is required in this assignment? Then coming to IT assignment helpexpert at My Assignment Services is the wisest decision you took. Here come answers. This is a step by step explanation of writing your CSIT440/940 assignment two answer in preparing the research proposal.

1.Choose a suitable topic

You must be thinking, “Meh, as if I did not know that” but let me clear the air for you. A lot of students actually do not know the subtle art of choosing their research topic to write their CSIT440/940 assignment two answers. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” This is why if I am writing this answer, I will spend a considerable amount of time in selecting the one perfect topic. Some topics you can choose are -
  • Big data
  • Persuasive computing
  • Machine learning
  • Wireless networks
  • Smart cities
  • Semantic web

2.Begin the introduction

Let us assume that you are writing the assignment using big data. Then, your CSIT440/940 assignment two answers should begin first by laying out what big data is in the first few lines. You then proceed to write how big data is important for a professional and why we should care about carrying out research on that. This is the part where you write your research question. For example, The health care sector is becoming a market for the technologies for collection and processing large chunks of data in Big Data database systems. The role of modern technologies for these tasks allow the staff to monitor the health of the citizens, the current changes in health and diagnosis of diseases. Therefore, the aim of this research is to establish a ground rule in the use of Big Data analytics in the health care sector and checking whether the use of Big Data analytics pose a threat or not.

3.Build your background through studies

Every great research is built on strong evidence and the work is carried out by the previous authors and researchers in the same field. Unless you have an idea that Elon Musk himself would kill for, stick to stay in the shadow of the notable researches. Read 30 to 40 papers that are related to the topic you have selected for CSIT440/940 assignment two answers. Always remember to highlight 3 things -
  1. What the study is about
  2. What was the result of the study
  3. How is the study related to your topic

4.Identify the aim and significance

Write about what your research is going to achieve. You mentioned the research questions in the Introduction chapter. Now is the chance when you have to explain and elaborate on them. Use the literature you studied and then built arguments for your CSIT440/940 assignment two answer research proposal. For example, you found literature that you want to challenge or maybe literature that you want to extend.

5.Plan your research plan

This is the part where you will explain in detail every single point related to the research. You have to mention the entire way your research will be carried out. Mention how you are going to perform all the tasks and connect them with the outcome you are expecting. This section talks about the methodology, expected outcome, the timeline your research will follow, etc. The timeline will be in the form of a Gantt Chart mentioning the estimated time for each step.


Summarise the entire document once more by highlighting the key pointers. Also, you need to identify 5 open questions that your research will fail to answer. Yes, you have to show your limitations yourself.

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