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Dan and Mary Case Study | Analysis and Explanation

Dan and Mary Case Study | Analysis and Explanation
August 24, 2019
Author : Keith Morris

The following case pictures the suicide of Dan Markingson who was participating in a psychiatric trial. The case study has become quite prevalent in the education field of nursing practices where students demonstrated what other recommended action plans could be implemented to avoid it. Many universities have taken up such a case study learning to impart critical analysis and decision making skills in students for developing their viewpoint. Our nursing assignment help experts at My Assignment Services provide a detailed analysis and explanation for the case. Let us begin.

Overview Analysis of Dan and Mary Case Study

While Dan was participating in a psychatric trial, he began to show some serious signs of delusions and paranoia in 2003, which caused him to believe to murder his mother, Mary Weiss. He was enrolled in a clinical trial of antipsychotic drugs at Fairview Hospital despite protests from his mother. The corresponding Dan and Mary case study is a comparison of a typical antipsychotic that works on the treatment of the first episodes of schizophrenia. The overall study structure was involved with the Phase 4 double-blind trial that induced the comparison of three different atypical antipsychotic drugs: Zyprexa, Seroquel, and Risperdal. After two weeks of the study treatment, Dan was discharged to a halfway house following his mother’s objections. However, her mother continued to express concerns about her son’s deterioration and ultimately committed suicide by mutilating himself with a box cutter on May 7, 2004. The Dan and Mary case study includes questions about whether they are responsible for Dan’s death or not. Let us take a look at how our assignment help experts performed the analysis and approached the major issues of contention that could be illustrated as basic clinical research principles, IRB oversight, adequacy of informed consent, conflicts of interest as well as coercion.

Concept of ‘Consent’

What is ‘informed consent’? Consent is more than a signed agreeable document that states the overall process of explaining a trial as well as all the procedures, risks, benefits and alternatives. However, consent in trial form anticipates an agreement in which a volunteer may opt-out anytime if he wants without any penalties. The elements should be bound together in an agreement that covers the following checklist items when you want to understand the Dan and Mary case.
  • A statement of the study involving the overall research methodologies
  • Purpose of the research
  • Actual time frame of the participation
  • Brief description of the study procedure
  • Overall descriptions of every procedure and treatment
  • Description of anticipated risks and the involved discomforts
  • Description of any expected benefits involved
  • Any other alternative pathway
  • A confidentiality statement that explains the purpose and the person of address, who will have access to all the records
  • Compensation explanation for the treatment or injury
  • Direction to whom to contact for further information, which can include the Principal Investigator or IRB
  • A declaration by the volunteer is required in which he acknowledges that his participation is voluntary and is aware that there is no penalty in case he withdraws from the study anytime
Dan and Mary case study involves other elements that are essential as per The International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) regulations. Our Nursing case study assignment help experts also took a detailed look while solving the assessment tasks.
  • An explanation is required when the volunteer may be dropped from the study without his consent by the investigator or by the sponsor. It should appear in the document whether it conflicted with the volunteer’s medical interest or the study terminated early.
  • Overall description of any incurred costs by the volunteer.
  • An assurance statement serving the purpose of informing the volunteer about significant new findings during the study that has the possibility to affect his or her decision to continue participation.
  • A statement that signifies that the volunteer has received a copy of the informed consent document.
Our nursing assignment help experts were able to form a complete structured report in order to solve Dan and Mary case study. In case you require our assistance, you are free to contact our experts anytime.

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