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Difference Between Compound and Complex Sentences

compound and complex sentences
September 10, 2021
Author : Kristy

Do you know the Difference Between Compound and Complex Sentences? Probably, you might have not even thought of it! Well, this is something that often goes unnoticed by most of the students, however, at the time of writing an assignment, it becomes one of the most persistent hurdles. Trust me, even after being a language expert, students often miss out on noticing it.

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Complex Sentence

Consider These Sentences and Tell Which One Is a Compound Sentence and Which One Is a Complex Sentence?

This is not something new; every student must have been in a dilemma to choose between a compound and a complex sentence. The easy way to do this is by being thorough with the dissimilarities between both of them.

Before we give you a brief overview of both types of sentences, consider the following sentences.

Sentence 1: I washed my hands properly, and I had breakfast.

Sentence 2: I washed my hands before I had breakfast.

Notice how just with a single word (and), the entire structure of the sentence changes. One of them is compound while the other is complex. Then, how to find the Difference Between Compound And Complex Sentences? To answer this question, we first need to know what are the characteristics of both types of sentences. This is where our professional writing services come to rescue students from all the hassles.

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Compound Sentences V/S Complex Sentences

Our professional assignment help experts have conducted extensive research on this aspect of language to find the answers to all the doubts of students. Over the years, we have understood how to find the best ways to distinguish different types of sentences with ease, and so we are here to help you now.

Let us first understand what are compound sentences and what are complex sentences separately.

Compound sentences

Independent clauses that can be termed as complete thoughts are known as compound sentences. These sentences have a fixed subject and a verb in them. When two or more independent clauses are combined together, they form a compound sentence.

Let us provide you with a compound sentence example to clear it further for you.

Sentence 1: She danced (independent clause)

Sentence 2: He sang (independent clause)

And (coordinating conjunction)

Compound sentence: She danced and he sang.

In a compound sentence, both independent clauses play an equal part. Even the coordinating conjunction is not able to change the value of any of the clauses. The purpose is just to establish a relationship between the two clauses. As per our experts who provide professional writing help to students worldwide, there are just seven coordinating conjunctions which are:

  • For
  • And
  • Nor
  • But
  • Or
  • Yet
  • So

If you face issues in memorising them, then you can simply remember FANBOYS. Each of the letters will have coordinating conjunction. Easy, isn’t it? Let us now see what a complex sentence is.

Complex sentence

In complex sentences, there is one independent clause and at least one subordinating clause. Obviously, it signifies that both clauses are not equal in such sentences. While one of the clauses acts as the foundation, the other one supports it.

Let us understand this with the help of a complex sentence example.

First sentence: My mom smiled (independent clause)

Second sentence: I got distinction in Math (Subordinate clause)
Complex sentence: My mom smiled when I got distinction in Math

This is how we come to know whether the given sentence is a compound sentence or a complex sentence. Hopefully, you are now clear with the Difference Between Compound And Complex Sentences. If you still feel confused about the two, then you can simply seek our professional writing services to get all your doubts cleared within no time.

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