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Dissertation vs Thesis: Everything You Need to Know About It

January 09, 2022
Author : Kristy

Dissertation and Thesis are the two types of academic writing, both done in pursuance of higher education. A thesis is a formal document presenting the final results of an inquiry conducted by the author thereof after completion of study or research work at a university, college or any other educational institution. It also presents an argument that supports the author's opinion on a particular subject or research goal. On the other hand, a dissertation is also an academic paper that requires in-depth study and thorough research on a specific topic by students at various levels, including undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.

If we compare dissertations with theses, we can say that thesis involves more theoretical knowledge of any concept while dissertations involve a practical approach to solving real-life problems. The thesis has its basic difference from the dissertation because it includes comparative analysis and interpretation, so there is no requirement of experimental work in the thesis, whereas for writing a dissertation, one must have to experiment with some samples. This blog will provide you with the dissertation vs thesis understanding and the difference and similarities between both academic documents.

Average Length of Thesis

What is the Length and When Do You Write a Dissertation and a Thesis?

A dissertation is generally used as a final project by students studying at school, college, and university levels. They are required to submit the dissertation as a part of their final year work or as an end term assignment. Many scholars also present dissertations on different topics so that they can be useful for other researchers working in the same field.

The thesis is extensively used by PhD holders and professors so that they can further continue with their research work and studies related to any concept. In fact, a thesis has huge importance if we compare it with a dissertation because it helps in gaining more knowledge from any certain issue, which will be essential for an author's future study or research projects.

A Dissertation has more theoretical information than a thesis which includes a practical approach towards solving real-life problems. It also involves more research with some experimental samples or models, whereas theses involve comparative analysis, including interpretation, so no experiment is required for writing the thesis. This can easily be noticed by taking the example of Career Development and Urban Traffic Problems.

The length of the dissertation varies according to the topic, but it must include a minimum of 50 to 150 pages in general, whereas these are generally required to be not more than 150 pages long. However, there is no fixed range for the thesis. For instance, if someone has done research on a very small subject, their thesis paper will only contain 30-40 pages, but if someone performed an in-depth study on some specific issue, they might need to present an over 100 pages long thesis paper. Other academic institutions also determine page limits for different levels of studies like BA or MA etc.

Similarities Between Dissertation and Thesis

Both thesis and dissertation are the two main branches of academic writing. Both require good research work, extensive knowledge about the topic and proper understanding to present an argument that supports the opinion on any particular issue or concept. So both can be termed as academic papers which involve different methods, approaches and techniques to find an answer to a particular problem. Both thesis and dissertation require extensive knowledge about the topic as well as solid information on different aspects of it which one has studied during research or study work. Both papers have a good sign if we compare them with any other academic writing because they help gain more awareness so that it can be useful for further studies and research-related projects.

Here’s a glimpse of some initials of a dissertation

Executive Summary Dissertation Executive Summary

Here are Seventeen Differences Between a Dissertation and a Thesis

As per the five-star rated thesis writing help mentors, the dissertation has its basic difference from a thesis because it involves more experiments with some samples so that all the final results can be shown in a systematic way. On the other hand, the thesis is based on theoretical knowledge of any concept. So there are many differences between dissertation vs thesis, which are mentioned as under.

1) Dissertations involve experimental work while thesis does not require experiment.

2) Thesis includes a comparative analysis where dissertations do not have this requirement.

3) PhD holders use theses for further research work, whereas researchers at higher levels only use dissertations for the same purpose.

4) Some colleges allow students to submit both dissertation and thesis papers, but only one of these is allowed when it comes to the university level.

5) In the thesis, creative work can be included, but that option is not there in the dissertation.

6) Thesis and dissertations both require good research and study work, but the difference lies in the fact that for a dissertation, solid experimental data must be included, whereas thesis works on strong theoretical data only.

7) Dissertation has more weightage than a thesis paper because it requires a practical approach towards solving problems, while the thesis involves proper knowledge about any concept which will be useful for further studies or research-related projects. 8) Many universities also prefer submission of a dissertation book report instead of submitting a single dissertation, whereas only one type of format is allowed for PhD holders according to their respective universities. 9) Thesis involves theoretical data only while the other one requires both theoretical and practical data to support its claims.

10) A thesis work can be published in a journal so that it becomes publicly available because it has no limitations on words or pages. The dissertation must have a limited number of words or pages and specific formatting that should follow the norms set by an institute.

11) Dissertations are also called academic papers, working papers, and study reports, whereas thesis is also known as research papers, term papers, etc.

12) Both require proper understanding of concepts, but dissertations include more experiments with solid samples where the thesis does not have this requirement for experimental work.

13) For PhD holders, both types of papers are essential, but one of these is enough to present ideas in an effective way for other professionals.

14) Thesis involves critical analysis of all relevant data while the dissertation has limited space for this requirement.

15) A thesis can be written on a particular topic, whereas dissertations have no such restrictions.

16) Dissertation requires more effort and time than a thesis paper, so it is mostly preferred by PhD level students who want to complete their postgraduate studies in a successful manner.

17) Some universities also prefer students to submit a combination of both thesis and dissertation, which depends on the requirements set by that university or college where they are studying at MA, MSc, BA, etc.

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In short, both dissertations and thesis have their own importance even though they are different from each other. In the case of the PhD level, dissertations are mostly preferred because it is more extensive than a thesis paper. So it can be concluded that dissertation vs thesis has so many differences which depend on the choice of university or student where writing these papers is compulsory for students who want to continue their education in a successful manner.

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