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Drawing Conclusions From Socio-Economic Data Assignment Answer

Drawing Conclusions From Socio-Economic Data Assignment Answer
April 04, 2019
Author : Mike McDonnell

There are a number of assignments that students have to write in their course. One such assignment is related to global businesses. The most popular assessment in this is where you have to read the case study, analyse it, and then provide conclusions. But that is not as easy as it sounds. My Assignment Services will help you do that.

I will tell you how can you draw conclusions from a case study with the help of a sample below.

Drawing conclusions from a case study of socio-economic data

Let us see the sample of the question that we have to write, okay? And if your assessment is not the same, do not be disheartened. You can still use this blog as a reference study so that you can write your own case study conclusions.

Here is the sample that I solved.

Let us quickly list down what we know and what we have to do.

  1. In the question, you have a table. This table contains socio-economic data of two countries.

  2. You are a business owner who is planning to start operations in these countries

  3. You need to analyse what the data given to you means

  4. On the basis of that, you have to give 3 conclusions

  5. Every conclusion will compare both countries

  6. Every conclusion must have at use 2 variables

How are we going to write this answer?

The objectives have been laid down and you need to follow them to write the case study conclusions. I will take every conclusion one by one and explain how did I draw them from the case study.

Conclusion 1

The conclusion 1 is comparing Country A and Country B in terms of the GDP and population.

You are free to choose any other as you like but I chose them because as an economic assignment help expert, I believe that country’s biggest asset and measure of progress is the GDP (how much output is the country generating) and the earning of the people (how much each person in the nation earns on an average).

That is why I compared the countries over these factors and studied the table. There I found that the population in Country A was wealthier than in Country B. Hence, if the company I am working with is planning to launch luxurious products, Country A would be a better marketplace than Country B.

Conclusion 2

As you can see, I have used here number of internet users and the adult literacy rate as the base of comparison.

When I am operating a business and planning to enter a new market, I want to make sure that the country has a large internet users. Why? Because this is the 21st century where 99% of the things are done online. For a business wanting to enter the market as an e-commerce trade, the internet users are their driving force.

At the same time, a literate population of the country will allow them to use the products and services of the organisation well.

I studied that Country A has a higher literacy rate and more number of internet users as compared to Country B. Thus, the e-commerce trade in Country A will generate more revenue than in Country B.

Conclusion 3

Finally, I compared the countries on the basis of their area and unemployment trend.

The area available with the country is important for setting up of mills and factories. A larger area means more suitable place at a cheaper rate. Where there is more land, the prices are not competitive. Also, if the country has a higher unemployment rate, then the organisation can secure cheaper labour as there are more people in need of a job.

This is also a factor affecting where we should place our business.

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