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Effective Techniques To Write the Best 5 Para Essay

Effective Techniques To Write the Best 5 Para Essay
May 25, 2020
Author : Alex

An essay is an academic piece of writing that is a personal account of the feelings and opinions of the writer. Either the author defends the topic or speaks against it. The greatest challenge which students face while drafting an essay is to adhere to the five-paragraph essay format. Do you find yourself in the same situation? Then, this blog is just perfect for you. In this blog, our essay writing help experts will show you the effective techniques to write the best 5-para essay. Over a decade, My Assignment Services has been the favourite destination for students for all the answers to their essay-related queries. So, let’s get started.

How To Write a Five-Paragraph Essay?

So, without any further ado, our essay writers would now give you the answers to the most frequently asked question: “how to write better essays in 5-paragraphs essay format”. Regardless of the topic or subject, this guide will help you write every type of essay and attain that perfect grade you have always desired for. With this effective plan, even an amateur writer can easily craft a perfect essay.

1. Choose the perfect topic

Every student would have spent an inordinate amount of time in dealing with the five-paragraph essay format. But the first thing to consider is that you have an appropriate topic for the essay. You might have a plethora of topics to choose from, but if you ask us, our essay help experts would suggest you opt for a topic that is not only an easy one but has ample information to support it. Because let’s face it, an essay without evidence is just like tea without sugar. Generally, what is observed is students choose an unconventional topic and end up writing less, that makes the essay devoid of the structure it is ought to follow. On the contrary, our essay writing help experts go for a topic that has an abundance of resources to support it. This helps us adhere to the five-paragraph essay format. Each new idea is included in a separate paragraph and thoroughly supported with relevant evidence.

2. Never compromise on the research

As per our essay writers, what binds the readers to the essay until the very end is the amount of credible information that the essay includes. Now that you have an appropriate topic, the next task is to spend a decent amount of time researching the information that you plan to include in your essays. Before you begin writing the essay, make sure that you have an enormous amount of data and facts that you can write in the essay. Else, you won’t be able to stick to the five-paragraph essay format.

3. Think about a solid thesis statement

The essence of an essay is the main argument that elucidates the major ideas in the essay. According to our essay writing help, if an essay has a proper thesis statement, the task to write the essay in the five-paragraph essay format is not a tiresome job. If you wish to draft a perfect essay, then you must have a solid thesis statement hand with you. It might consist of an original subject, but as your research progresses, it would become more refined and relevant to the topic of the essay. So, nail the thesis part and the rest of the work will be done on its own.

4. An outline always helps

Often, students jump straight into writing the essays without a proper well-thought plan in mind. This is why they are not able to fulfil the requirements of the essay in the end. On the other hand, our essay help experts always make sure to have a pre-set outline in their mind, which lets them decide the entire content beforehand. Ultimately, structuring the essay in the form of a five-paragraph essay format becomes easier. Following are some of the key features of each of the section that our essay writers include in the outline:

  1. Introduction: Jot down the main argument
  2. The first body paragraph: Select an idea that supports the thesis statement and choose evidence to support it
  3. The second body paragraph: Identify the next idea and choose appropriate evidence that supports it
  4. The third body paragraph: The last idea followed by suitable evidence is chosen.
  5. Conclusion: Connect the dots of the three paragraphs and relate it with the main argument to solve the problem that has been addressed in the essay.
  6. This is a brief outline that is followed by our essay writers. With the help of this outline, it will be easier for you as well to adhere to this structure.

5. Draft the final essay

Until you reach this step, you already have everything that is needed to craft an impeccable essay. Then what is stopping you to write the essay? The references, right? Adding references to your essay papers is not any rocket science. You just need to be aware of the guidelines associated with each of the referencing styles. Either you can surf the net and get accustomed to each of them, else you can straightaway approach our essay help experts for guidance. For more than a decade now, we have tried our hands over all the styles of referencing such as the APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc. So, it won’t be a problem for us to guide you over any of these styles. Problem solved? If you are worried about the mistakes that you might make in the essays, then don’t worry, as we have covered it all for you. Our panel of professional essay writing help experts proofread and edit every reference essay to make sure that they don’t even have the minute errors in them. So, go ahead and collate all the information and draft an impeccable essay. If you still face any problem, then we’re always available at your disposal! For more tips and tricks to write better essays, you can take our live one-on-one sessions with experts to know the techniques better. 5 Paragraph Essay Writing

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In this blog, we have tried to touch all the aspects associated with the universally accepted essay format, that is the five-paragraph essay format. This is the area that most students find challenges in, so we hope we could clarify all your doubts. My Assignment Services maintains a steadfast crew of more than 2000+ PhD experts who are engaged in solving the doubts of several students worldwide, in different categories of the essay. Over the years, our essay writers have crafted well-structured essays for the reference purpose of students that have made it simpler for students to better their essay-writing skills and get the grades that they have always desired for. Not just this, with our easy-to-follow and practical tips for essay writing, we have even mentored the journeys of students from being amateur writers to expert essay writers. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order with us now and get amazing value-added services from us.


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