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ENS6104 Advanced Mechanical Design Major Assignment Answer

ENS6104 Advanced Mechanical Design Major Assignment Answer
May 11, 2019
Author : Chloe Kirner

The students pursuing their design course from Edith Cowan University in Australia usually study the unit ENS6104. But the assignments in this are quite tricky. And if you are seeking professional guidance, then mechanical engineering assignment experts are here to guide on ENS6104 advanced mechanical design major assignment answer. We are going to teach you what you are looking for.

Behold, the assignment question

Students who wanted reference ENS6104 advanced mechanical design major assignment answer from us sent the following assessment. The overview is that you need to prepare a mining drill head gearbox and submit an overall report.

Below is a snapshot of a part of the assignment question that was received.

assignment question

What the design has to do?

The gearbox designed will be mounted on a drill mast. This gearbox will drive a drill string which, in turn, is driven by a hydraulic motor.

Here is how the system will work -

What all should your design include?

The ENS6104 advanced mechanical design major assignment answer is not simple and why would it be. Anyway, there are some pointers that you need to remember and make sure to pay attention to in your design.

They are -

  • Housing(s)

  • Gear design

  • Accompanying components

  • Load calculations

  • bearing selection

  • Shaft design

  • Fastener sizing

  • Design of fixtures

  • Couplings

Why these are needed? So that your gearbox design is completed. If anyone of the above parts is missing, your gearbox is going to fail. You do not want that to happen, do you?

ENS6104 advanced mechanical design major assignment answer will also include fastener calculations. Why? Because a fastener calculation will be responsible for the size of the main structural bolts that you are going to use in the design.

And your design should be able to rotate. Thus, you would need rotating structural components as well. This will be adjusted by the use of rolling element bearings.

For you ENS6104 advanced mechanical design major assignment answer, note down the numerical data.

Identifying the numerical data for your design is most important because then only you will be able to apply various formulas and obtain calculations.

Some of the important data I have laid down below for your ease -

Length of drill rod = 6m

Load on drill string by mast drives = 15kN

Weight of hammer above drill bit = 15kg

Sinusoidal oscillation frequency of hammer = 15Hz

Sinusoidal oscillation amplitude of hammer = 100mm

Diameter of drill bit = Diameter of drill rods

Coefficient of friction of cutting teeth with the ground = 0.5

How to write ENS6104 advanced mechanical design major assignment answer?

The answer will be in a report form that has -

Design report

You need to mention the design specifications of the gearbox you have made using the data in the question file.

Discuss how you are going to manufacture the gearbox. This will include the raw material that you need, the processes that will be deployed to prepare the gearbox, the various treatments that will be done to the product, etc.

Analysis report

For ENS6104 advanced mechanical design major assignment answer here, you need to see the load distribution over the design. You can use ANSYS or some other software for this analysis.

Other than this, you also need to calculate the stress and the fatigue on the various sections of the gearbox assembly.

The design can fail at some points. You need to find those points and present a failure analysis.

Using Finite Element Analysis tool like MATLAB, you need to present an FEA of the structural components of your design.

The better way is to request a reference ENS6104 advanced mechanical design major assignment answer.

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