Family Law Assignment (Memorandum of Advice)

Family Law Assignment (Memorandum of Advice)
May 15, 2018
Author : Amy

Family Law is a unique subject that is only concerned with people, i.e., family members, rather than other matters such as those related to financial or property. It revolves around the law and practices addressing every concern related to parenting when a couple decides to divorce or separate. This also includes issues related to child adoption and custody. For the past couple of years, an increasing number of students have been enrolling in this course due to its growth in scope and importance in communities. This field of study aims to provide these learners with a strong theoretical knowledge, which will enable them to solve practical issues when engaging in family matters. To attain this knowledge and become a good Lawyer, you have to be well-versed with all the concepts in Family Law. There are a variety of practices, legal formalities, and traditions that need to be understood and learned thoroughly by every Law student. But, because this subject has a vast syllabus, students often find it uneasy to grab some of its trickiest topics, which are essential for writing assignments. If you also are studying MLL408 Family Law, then you should be familiar with the syllabus. One of the most challenging topics in this field is Memorandum of advice, where most students get stuck and have to ask for assistance for their Family Law assignments.

Memorandum of Advice

 Before we dig in, let us understand what it is all about. A Memo or Memorandum of Advice is a set of legal communications which a senior Law practitioner uses to address issues related to family issues. As a Law student, you will be required to write a Memo which you will use within this subject practice. A reason why so many students find it a challenging task is because that they are unaware of how to go about it. The main focus of this blog is to provide you with an understanding of some of the important terms that are frequently used in this type of legal communication.

Three Most Important Terminologies Related to a Memo

  1. Family Law Act, 1975: More commonly known as FLA by the legal practitioners, this act was introduced as a main legislation in Australia that deals only with issues related to divorce and financial maintenance for children after separation or divorce of couples.
  2. Division of assets and liabilities: This is an important part of a Memo, which states that in a divorce, both assets and liabilities shall be divided in a way that is fair for both the parties. This includes both marital as well as non-marital property. For most students, such division is the most complicated area of this subject.
  3. Sole Parental and responsibility: Another important part of Family Law Act, it emphasises that one of the parents may be granted sole parental responsibility under certain conditions. For example, the court decides that the mother gets the sole responsibility of both parent’s daughter. Their child will live permanently with her and shall spend time with her father on the days decided by the court. This also includes those decisions related to their child’s education, health, well-being, living arrangements, and marriage.

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