FNSACC514 How to Prepare Financial Reports for Corporate Entities?

FNSACC514 Prepare financial reports
July 02, 2021
Author : Andy

The financial statement provides an account of the financial stability of a company or business to prospective stakeholders and creditors. It is pertinent to note that the report is sent to the external stakeholders in a company. Therefore, it is the most prudent if the business prepares its reports as per the widely-accepted norms or accounting principles of the country. the government of Australia has made it increasingly simple for investors and creditors to put together their financial reports.

5 Types of financial statement

We Shall Discuss Some of the Most Important Elements of A Financial Report

Assets: In the simplest of words, assets may include business insights, industrial intelligence, technological mechanisms or patented applications owned by the company. It is important to provide an account of the assets owned by a business as it can help in determining the probable outcome of a business by considering past transactions.

Comprehensive income: It is also important to provide a clear and transparent account of the income of the company. The report must also include the fluctuations in the net assets owned by the company. The income also includes the change in equity brought about by the investments made by the promoters and owners of the company.

Arrangements among the promoters: Reductions in net assets emerging from providing services, or encountering liabilities to promoters. Effective financial arrangements between the owners lower the ownership stake significantly.

Equity: Continuing stake in the assets that persist after subtracting the debts. In any business, equity is the actual sum of the total stake in assets. 

Expenses: This includes the money flows, handling of assets or acquiring obligations in course of the period from surrendering or manufacturing goods or co-operations which constitute the main operations.

Gains: Progress in the stake or the gross ownership and assets of business deals and from all other activities other than the ones which culminate as a result of the direct investment of the owner of the company. 

Investments by owners: The total enhancement in the assets of the business resulting from the variations caused by other entities may either increase or decrease the total ownership value or stake in it.

Liabilities: The liabilities are a sum of the total number of presumable loss of economic gains from existing commitments to convey assets or render future services owing to the

transactions performed in the past.

Losses: reductions in assets from all company dealings as well as situations and exchanges impacting a company in a particular period. Here, Losses do not include the outcome of the payments or deliveries to owners.

Net Incomes: The inflows or improvements of the pre-owned asset value of a company or the fulfilling of its obligations within the period that stretches between the production and delivery of goods is referred to as net incomes. The income derived from the main operations of a company form the net income of the business.

What Is the Correct Way to Formulate the Financial Report for a Company?

Enterprise planning or business forecasting is the representation of your company beginning in the present and traversing into the presumable future. Therefore, preparing a financial accounting report is not the same as preparing a business plan.

It is important to start by understanding and appreciating the need for a financial report.

Here are the two most important objectives of a financial report:

  • It is an important requirement required for prospective investors, angel investors, as well as VCs.
  • It is also important for providing an accurate and precise valuation of the business. 

Here are the steps involved in creating an accurate and manifest finance report for a corporate:

  • Start by creating a Sales Forecast
  • Draw a detailed and section-wise budget for the presumable expenditures and overheads.
  • It is important to maintain a detailed statement describing the cash flow.
  • Provide a projection for the profit.
  • Assets and liabilities Must be accounted for accurately.
  • Determining a Break-even point.
  • It is advisable to create a spreadsheet providing a clear projection of your transactions over 2-4 years.

The students of accounting and finance have to study vast volumes of data to be able to draw

accurate and relevant financial reports for businesses and companies. If you are studying the unit, FNSACC514, you will most likely perform a detailed analysis of the various finance documents to be able to draw clear financial statements.

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