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What are the Fundamentals of Nursing?

Fundamentals of Nursing
May 06, 2022
Author : Keith Morris

The unit NUR104 fundamentals of nursing includes healthcare and wellness concepts in the professional nursing framework. The assessment concepts are self-care deficiency, communication, the basic practice of medication and electrolyte subcutaneous, diagnostic testing and oxygenation. The basic computer function for recording and monitoring nursing care is also part of the unit's curriculum.

Nursing fundamentals provide a framework and guideline for nursing procedures performed by nurses or healthcare professionals. The nursing student must abide by the correct procedure and fair practice in their profession. The legal standards and the organisational statutes must be kept. These standards ensure safe and competent nursing provided to the patients.

Nurses constitute over half of all healthcare personnel worldwide, yet a critical shortfall of 5.9 million new nurses is needed, particularly in developing nations.

This unit offers an overview of healthcare scope of practice concepts, especially for nursing students who might still be learning the standard procedures. Read forth to get more insight and NUR104 Fundamentals of Nursing Examples.

fundamentals of nursing

What Are the Nursing Fundamentals?

Any profession or business requires basic guidelines to abide by, be it legal or ethical. Fair practice is to follow these guidelines or fundamental principles for effective services and maintain the organisation's dignity. Here are the fundamentals the healthcare professionals must follow:

  1. Offering Person-centred healthcare supports a quick recovery rate as the professionals know what the patient needs to get better soon.
  2. Maintaining a level of dignity and respect for the patient is necessary regardless of age. Despite the patients being the customers of your service, they're still a person in need, so respecting them is essential to make them feel comfortable.
  3. Medical procedures are not comfortable and easy to go through. Getting a patient's consent is important before proceeding - verbal, written or both.
  4. Maintaining patient safety is another important key attribute that you will learn more about in the NUR104 Fundamentals of Nursing unit.
  5. Protecting the patient from abuse - be it a senior healthcare professional or your peer. Patient safety and health are the priority.
  6. Responding to complaints and answering patients' queries is important for abiding by patients' consent and maintaining safety.
  7. Recruiting skilled staff and the staff members reporting on their condition is important as patients have a weak immune system, and even small flu is lethal.
  8. The duty of candour means admitting to one's mistake. The nursing staff must quickly report to seniors in case of any error.

In honour of the pivotal roles nurses and midwives serve in care provision, the World Health Organization has named 2020 the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife.”

These are a few of the fundamentals of nursing that the unit comprises. You will learn more about such guidelines and even the legal outcomes of not following them. Refer to the attached NUR104 Fundamentals of nursing examples to get insight into the unit and assessment answers.

Nursing students are also required to prepare case studies of the various cases they observe and read about. Case studies cost a higher grade as they are to be submitted in a proper format with all the procedures, medications, cure and final observation. Get nursing assignment help at affordable prices; just fill out the form.

how can nurses improve the quality of care

Why Are the Nursing Fundamentals Important?

Because of the rigorous demands of a nursing job, this course contains detailed information that most students find difficult to understand. The fundamentals of nursing are quite difficult to understand, and many students find their assignments difficult and receive poor results. You need to understand the importance of this principle in the unit NUR104 Fundamentals of Nursing to learn them by heart.

Learn how to acknowledge any source of information using the APA 7th style.

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They are essential to help nursing professionals with:

Assessing the patient

When a patient comes to a healthcare centre, they must be capable of assessing their health. Such knowledge is vital and can aid in the diagnosing procedure.


Professionals should be ready to make a diagnosis after the examination. That entails questioning the patient for specific details regarding their ailment.

There are over 450,000 midwives and registered nurses in Australia, which ranks it among the countries with the largest nursing workforce in the world. - Health Australia

Providing Nursing Care

After the evaluation and diagnosis, the next step is curating a plan for the patient's condition. Since the plan relies mostly on the data collected during the previous steps, accuracy is critical for providing quality patient care.

Medical Intervention

You must be ready to discern when a definitive diagnosis is necessary. It is a key step that allows patients to feel more secure by verifying the first diagnosis.

The knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of the nursing program put students on the road to a successful profession. Medical carelessness can be dangerous for patients, ruin nurses' careers, and tarnish an organisation's prestige. All this can be avoided by competent nursing staff. NUR104 Fundamentals of Nursing Examples help you become one such nurse.

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How Can Nurses Improve the Quality of Care?

Nursing is a Nobel career that demands nurses to manage a wide range of abilities that impact patient healthcare overall standards. Empathy and communication, as well as field-centred abilities developed throughout nursing school, a few more of these skills are:

  • Communication is the key to learning the patient’s condition and making them feel comfortable.
  • Empathy helps patients feel safe throughout the medical procedures and recovery process.
  • Organisation skills make monitoring and recording the patient's progress more effective.
  • Respecting the patient regardless of their age and status quo depicts professionalism and a sense of acknowledgement.
  • Learning is a long process, and it is literally a lifelong process for nurses. The more you learn, the better you can be at your job.

Nurses are essential to people's health, contentment, and quality of care. They are well equipped to communicate with clients and speak for them in healthcare settings to the doctors. Nurses are a direct point of contact between the organisation, doctors and the patients. Hence, fair practice is essential for nurses. NUR104 fundamentals of nursing examples in this unit prepare you for the same.

Did you know that the work week in Australia is 38 hours long? Nurses and Midwives work for 33 hours. Most nurses work for an average of 33-38 hours which does not include the overtime opportunities.

Nursing is a field that requires theoretical and practical knowledge, and you may learn all the practical skills through practising as a nurse. Still, the theoretical skill demands various assignments be finished and delivered. You may face issues when working on your assignments due to a lack of adequate resources material; fill out the enrolment form to get nursing assignment help and contact our experts today.

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