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GCNNK2 Nursing Knowledge 2 Case Study Assessment Answer

GCNNK2 Nursing Knowledge 2 Case Study Assessment Answer
February 22, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

When a student decides to study nursing, there are several aspects to look after. One of those includes being able to critically evaluate the events in the life of patients.GCNNK2is a unit which deals with the same. Designed with the motive of helping students gain an insight into the critical events that take place in the lives of patients and their families, this unit is a must for nursing students. The assignments that are rolled out undernursing knowledge 2familiarise students with various elements in nursing like acute, chronic, principles and management of clients, lifestyle factors, etiological environment, microbiological factors etc. Ournursing assignment helpexperts have handled all of these for students and provided excellent quality reference assignment solutions. My Assignment Serviceshas an abundance of professional writers who have mastered the art of providing expert guidance to students on a variety of topics and subjects. In this blog, let us get to knowGCNNK2 nursing knowledge 2a bit better.

2 Important Sections Under GCNNK2 Nursing Knowledge 2 Unit

To be able to write the assignments properly, you need to know about the two most important sections that this unit covers. First, let us talk about those and then proceed forward with a reference assignment solution that one of ournursing assignment writershave written for the reference purpose of students.


v The first section that you need to cover in your assignment is pharmacology in the professional context. These encompass a variety of socio-cultural and legal aspects as well as several types of ethical issues that need to be considered while dealing with the patients. v Also, the responsibilities of a nurse in the context of the professional situation is considered such as clinical decision making in drug therapy, drug calculation, medication errors, poison and controlled substances, managing the reactions to adverse drugs, etc. v Pharmacokinetics factors (drug therapy principles) vPolypharmacy v Nutritional and natural therapies v Drug interaction and clinical overdose

Lifespan care of an individual

As per ournursing assignment helpexperts, this second section is where students mostly face problem while applying this in the assignments. v This part covers all the critical events in the lives of a patient and how it impacts their families, managing several principles of nursing and connecting it with the pathophysiological processes. v With the use of simulated scenarios, students are taught to use appropriate interventions to manage patients v Principles of community-based nursing and remote nursing v Principles of mental health nursing v Dealing with the health conditions of the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. These two sections are the foundation for theGCNNK2 nursing assignments. Now, let us discuss one of the assessments that came to ournursing assignment writers.

A GCNNK2 Assignment Example: Mrs Grace Case Study

GCNNK2 assessment 1is a written assignment for students. In 2000 words, students need to perform a critical discussion onMrs Grace Case Study. This discussion must incorporate all the nursing management procedures that will be used in the case. Mrs Grace case study First, let us look at the case. This is the case study for this assessment task. Firstly, ournursing assignment helpexperts go through this scenario. Then, we highlight some of the issues in this case and critically evaluate the solutions for those in this assessment 1. Following are the issues that we address in the assessment:
  1. Based on the findings given in the table, we find out the deviations and further investigation on the reasons for this.
  2. We then think of some additional information or question that are important for the nurses
  3. Ournursing assignment writers make it a note to establish a connection between the problems and the pathophysiological issues related to it.
  4. In addition to this, we also recognise 2 nursing diagnosis for which intervention is needed. In light of this, we also suggest appropriate nursing management that is based on various nursing management plans.
  5. All the medications that are prescribed in the ED are linked with their Pharmacokinetics.
  6. After this, we discuss the adverse effects of the medications and their side effects with the help of evidence-based literature.
  7. In the end, our nursing assignment help experts talk about the information on the long-term effects of regular medications on Mrs. Grace.

Points-To-Remember For GCNNK2 Nursing Assessments

Just like every assignment has some vital catch in it, the assignments that students get in this unit also have some vital points to remember. If you ensure that these points are there in yourGCNNK2 nursing assignments, then you will secure top-notch grades in them. So, make sure you go through these points and incorporate them into the assignment solution.
  1. You must recognise various nursing interventions and diagnostic tests to manage acute chronic conditions of patients.
  2. Medications and treatments have to be suggested for patients suffering from medical-surgical disorders.
  3. Draw a comparison between different types of illness that occur in the lifespan of patients
  4. Ournursing assignment help experts also suggest students sketch individualised nursing care plans for those who are suffering from acute, aged, community problems.
  5. Provide accurate and quality nursing decisions
Our team of professional writers possess years of experience and are highly-qualified with scholarly degrees from a variety of reputed universities all around the world. This makes us suitable for handling all your assignment-related problems. If you want us to guide you on any section of yourGCNNK2 nursing assignments, then just give us a call!

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Using all thenursing knowledge 2 concepts, ournursing assignment helpexperts weave comprehensive reference assignment solutions onGCNNK2for students worldwide. Every assignment is designed as per the individual requirements of students and thus, is the best version possible. My Assignment Serviceshas always been the source of constant support to thousands of students, in a plethora of nursing topics,GCNNK2being one of them. In addition to superior-quality reference assignment solutions ofMrs. Grace Case Study, we also offer several exciting value-added services to students. To know more about them or to get assistance with any of your assignments, get in touch with us now.

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