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GDN3986 Clinical Leadership and Management in Nursing

GDN3986 Clinical Leadership
November 09, 2020
Author : Julia Miles

GDN3986 Clinical Leadership and Management in Nursing

Throughout the eight-week duration of the GDN3986 Clinical Leadership and Management in Nursing unit, you will be provided with numerous course related links, which you have to use for writing assessments. Such links include reading materials like peer-reviewed journals. But inspite of those resources, you could still find it difficult in understanding the role of clinical leadership and management, challenges faced by nurses in clinical environments, and other concepts. Add to that, your assessment also must adhere to the principles of academic honesty and grading criteria as well.

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Here’s a Glimpse of this Assignment Task

Clinical Leadership Assignment Sample

GDN3986 assignment sample

In this GDN3986 essay, you are required to draw an understanding of the major differences between leadership and management in nursing and the different types of the leadership styles. Additionally, you need to choose one style, further analyse its advantages and disadvantages, and justify using quality evidence how your chosen leadership style will suit the nursing environment. In this blog, we talk about leadership and management competency, their categories, and nursing administration. We use several journals to compile the most useful information to help you do your nursing assignment.

Relationship Between Nursing Leadership, Management, and Administration

Nursing administrators have always been in scarcity and this impacts the work environment that needs to be enriching to both nurses and patients. There are three major reasons for the dearth of nursing administrators:

  1. Careers related to nursing administrators are less valued as compared to clinical

  2. This side of nursing comes along with huge challenges. Only a small proportion of nurses are educationally prepared to face them.

  3. From the late 1990s, certain policies restructure and diminished the appeal of executive administrator positions

Such a disbalance led researchers and authors around the world to review and analyse the coursework for nursing leadership and administration. There is no common curriculum that could prepare an individual for either roles. Furthermore, unclear findings raised several questions about the leadership and management competencies; a few of which we have answered in this blog.

In one of the works of Bennis and Nanus, they indicate that both leadership and management are profoundly different yet an essential part of the clinical environment.

In further readings, you will also find that leadership would only grow when there are sustained relationships and where a leader helps people and organisations achieve their objectives. On the other hand, management is the application of standard principles and theories while those objectives are achieved. This is taken care by the managers ensuring planning, organising, directing, and controlling fuctions.

Competency Categories for Leadership and Management

Nursing leadership assignment tips

The Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature assessed over 300 publications between 2000 to 2004. The objective -- to identify the major keywords or search words relevant to leadership and management. In the analysis, CINAHL found competencies, abilities, skills, and attributes used indefinitely across 216 literatures. However, there were many publications excluded from the analysis due to irrelevancy of the context. The terms, leadership and management, were often combined with various adjectives like quality management, financial management and transactional leadership.

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s a list of top 10 competency categories for leadership and management:


  1. Personal qualities

  2. Thinking skills

  3. Communcation

  4. Developing people

  5. Vision


  1. Interpersonal skills

  2. Planning and organizing skills

  3. Communication

  4. Business skills

  5. Information management

Tips for Referencing:

Most students lose grades because they use weak sources that are the professors feel are not reliable. Our nursing experts suggest that you only refer to peer-reviewed journals and articles and stick to proper and extensive referencing. This includes adhering to acceptable conventions and using only the most recent resources.

To improve the quality of references, you should try using a range of in-text citations.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to APA referencing for your GDN3986 Clinical Leadership and Management in Nursing essay. This is an excellent resource for ‘everything you to know about APA style of referencing’.

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