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Get Your First 500 Words Free in Your Next Assignment

Get Your First 500 Words Free in Your Next Assignment
October 05, 2018
Author : Andy

So, October has started and it is that time of the year again when you are supposed to be scared and fearing for your life. No, not because of the examinations. Well, that can be one aspect but we know you are going to pass it well when we are there to support you. It's Halloween month! Yay! So, we had a thought. That thought was what do students wish for the most when they get an assignment?

  1. They wish that there was no assignment.
  2. They wish that this assignment would get it done magically by itself.
  3. They wish that someone would do this assignment on their behalf for free.

As mere human beings, we cannot control the points A and B. Your university is not under our influence, so you will get these assignments, no matter what. Also, you’re not studying in Hogwarts where these assignments would write themselves magically. So, we contacted Jesus and a word in private. This is when he told us to go with the third wish and offer something to the students. So, mates, this is your Halloween gift from the entire team of My Assignment Services. You Are Getting First 500 words Of Your assignments Written For Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Damn right. No hidden costs and no backfired plans. Straight up, we will write the first 500 words of your assignment for absolutely no cost.

So, that means I have an assignment of 400 words, I will get it for free?

Yes, buddy, you will! No costs. 500 words, totally free! But, do not think that you got 100 words in due balance. Nope, it doesn’t work that way. Come here, we are letting you in on a classified secret. If I tell you I’ll have to kill you type. Do not let others know that you know this, else this will be done to us.

We would have loved to give you this option, but we are a poor organisation and we don’t have enough money to pay our experts *crying face*. Hence, we decided to not let you have free balances. We are extremely sorry.

What if I have to order more than one assignment of 300 words each?

Uh-huh, that is something we need to think upon. Wait, let us have a quick brainstorming session and get back to you. *gibberish language* *hushed voices* Okay, we are back. So, we had to give a call to the Head of Marketing and he asked the CEO who asked that the Head of Operations be contacted and, in the end, we had to discuss it among ourselves. Sorry for the delay caused. Anyways, it is decided that the offer is valid for this clause too.

You can send us the requirements of 600 worded assignment and we will charge you the price for only 100 words. Hurray.

I don’t believe you. What’s the catch?

Oh boy, you got us. We are raising our hands up and we promise we will be good boys. Please don’t hurt us.

Okay, okay. We will tell you. There is only condition that you have to satisfy. The deadline for your assignment should be at least 48 hours away from the time of ordering. Please, let us go.

Thank you. You are such a kind-hearted soul. But, do not delay in availing of this offer yeah? Get the best assignment help in all of Australia, now cheaper than ever, from the desk of the best subject experts – right at your doorsteps. Send your assignment queries to [email protected] Or better yet, order your assignment at https://www.myassignmentservices.com/500 without wasting a second.

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