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Gift Your Valentine A 1000 Word Assignment for Only $1

Gift Your Valentine
February 07, 2019
Author : Celina

7 February officially marks the beginning of the Valentine week and I am sure that you are excited about celebrating the love in the air. But do you know what is the best gift that you can give to your beloved one? That is right! A romantic getaway without having to worry about the assignment and the deadline. Do not let an assignmentruin your plans for the next 7 days, okay? Here is how this is going to be the best deal of your life.

Celebrate Togetherness

Since Valentine week is all about togetherness, the offer is also valid when you place an order of 2 assignments at one go. One assignment for you and the other for your significant other.

The Mystery of $1

There is no mystery. Simple elementary mathematics is at play that tells you how you are going to pay for an assignment. Imagine your professor assigned you an essay of 1000 words. The same essay is also with your other one. Now, if you would have ordered these 2 assignments with us, the price would have been $99 for 1st+ $99 for 2nd. That comes out to be $198. All clear here? Here comes the offer. You are sending your 1000 word assignment to us. That comes out $99. You said to your girlfriend, “Baby, do not worry. I will do this and submit. Let us go for a long weekend.” You place the order of that assignment with yours. The payment for the second order here is for $1 only. Really. No ifs and no buts. Straight up clear. Your assignment for $99 and your partner’s for $1.

The Doubt You Have

I know you have doubts and queries. That is exactly why I am here, right…...To solve all the doubts. You must be thinking, “What if I have an assignment of 1500 words and my girlfriend has an assignment of 1000 words because we are in different courses?” No worries, kid. We got it all covered. What did I tell you? The base price is $99 for every 1000 words, didn’t I? If you divide $99 with 1000 words, you are giving $0.099 for every single word of the assignment. Now, you say that you have an assignment of 1500 words. A promise is a promise. You will be billed as $99 for 1000 words + $49.5 for the remaining 500 words. This is your assignment value. Your partner has an assignment for 1000 words which will be billed for only $1, as promised. “What if I have an assignment of 1500 words and my boyfriend also has an assignment of 1500 words. What then?” The first billing = $99 for 1000 words + $49.5 for rest 500 words The second billing = $1 for 1000 words + $49.5 for the rest 500 words Did I explain to you quite simply?

What are you waiting for then?

Hop on the love ride and take the best assignment help out there for an unbelievable price. Gift the best gift to your loved ones for only $1. This is an opportunity like no other and I do not want you to miss out. Grab that wallet, click the link, make payment and have an amazing Valentine week!

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