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Gina’s Coffee Shop Case Study Assignment

Gina’s Coffee Shop Case Study Assignment
March 16, 2019
Author : Ashley Simons

Are you pursuing a consumer law course? Do you have an assignment in which you need to advice a client about their consumer rights? Is reading the entire case study and looking for relevant case information not easy for you? Do you need the help of a consumer law assignment help expert to give you the answer to this question?

Then this blog post is for you in which I am going to tell you the answer to how can you write the assignment answer of Gina’s coffee shop case study.

What is this assignment?

There are two questions that are given to the students and they have to answer them using an IRAC format which means they have to write the -

  1. Issue

  2. Rule

  3. Application

  4. Conclusion

To learn about IRAC format, consult our law assignment help experts.

Question 1

In this question, your client is Gina who is opening a coffee shop. She purchased a ridiculously expensive rug for the shop which cost her $48,000 and claimed that it is stain proof and any stain can be removed easily. Also, the courier service that promised to deliver the rug in two days delivered it in 5 weeks. They even charged her additional $50,000 as storage charges as they stored the rug in their warehouse due to the unavailable delivery vehicle. Moreover, the expensive rug was suffered a stain which did not come off. The shop apologised and refused to replace rug.

Poor Gina has no other option but to consult a consumer lawyer with what is her in this matter.


First, explain the case in the manner I explained the case to you. Do not make any personal remarks like ridiculously expensive. Be professional and use a formal tone.

Be on point with what the issue is. Use minimum words to do that. Think what a lawyer would file in a court.

Then you come to the rule. Here, you need to identify a set of cases which were ruled by the Australian court. The ruling should be in the cases that are similar to yours. As seen in the case study, you have to refer to Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking [1971] 2QB 163 to see what ruling was made and how is it related to the case you have.

Using these rules, you have to mention if The Clever Carpet Company is responsible for what they did. Also, you have to see if the case rulings as discussed above can also be applied to the Fastway Courier Company or not. Therefore, you need to look at the case from every possible perspective. Take the help of a consumer law assignment help provider to gain a pair of fresh eyes and perspective on the case.

This part is going to be long. Be detailed here and do not try to be smart by assuming that the reader will understand what you are trying to say. The professor, wherever stuck, is going to deduct your grades. Hence, be simple in language, use to the point arguments and be specific to the case, keeping personal agendas separate.

The final part will be the conclusion in which you have to tell what are your findings. Do not pass a ruling, only give what you found about the case.

Question 2

Like the case above, you have to use IRAC in this question as well. If you want to learn how, contact the consumer law assignment writers at My Assignment Services!

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