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Going Abroad For Education? You Need The Best SOP Possible – Here’s Why!

Going Abroad For Education? You Need The Best SOP Possible – Here’s Why!
February 19, 2020
Author : Frank Barnes

Now that you have finally cleared the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), it is time for you to fasten your belts and move towards your favourite university! Wait, before that you need to overtake the hurdle of drafting an impeccable SOP for your college application. My dear friend, the road to your dream university is not as simple as it looks to be. If you are aspiring to flock off to abroad for further education, then you need to have the best SOP possible with you. My Assignment Servicesis a trusted platform for the answers to all your SOP queries. Here, ourSOP writing expertsnot only provide reference SOP to students that are designed as per the individual requirements of students but also guide them on each section of a perfect SOP. This is what has allowed several students to reach their favourite universities. In this blog, we will be talking more about a perfect SOP and help you know the vital elements that must be present in your SOP if you dread rejections!

What Is a Perfect SOP?

Does something ‘perfect’ exist? Well, to be able to pursue your education abroad, you have to produce a perfect SOP forth the admission officers. Having handled a plethora of SOP, we have gained expertise in drafting path-breaking SOPs for students all across the world. To encapsulate what a perfect SOP looks like, ourSOP writersare here with a list of vital elements that must be there in the SOP that you draft for your admission process.
  1. Introduction
  2. Study or research area where you want to enroll yourself
  3. Why this program?
  4. Why this university?
  5. Why aren’t you studying in your won country?
  6. Experience you have in this field
  7. Special courses or projects undertaken in the specific field, if any
  8. Community services or leadership experience, if any
  9. How you will contribute to the program?
  10. What values you will share with your peers and bring to the university?
  11. Career goals
  12. Your hobbies, interests and extracurricular activities
  13. One personal unique aspect
  14. Conclusion
The next time you draft an SOP for yourself, make sure you have covered all of these points. If your SOP is equipped with all of these, then you don’t need to be apprehensive of rejections. There exist certain reasons as to why every admission officer scrutinizes each SOP cautiously. Before we let you know the reasons why every university requires the best SOP, check this infographic. This will recapitulate all that you need to know about an SOP and help you draft a flawless one. ALL THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AN SOP Now we are in a position to proceed further.

Why Do Universities ask Students To Produce Flawless SOP?

Applicants who aspire to go abroad and study need to face the tedious process of drafting the best SOP. There are several reasons why universities require the statement of purpose (SOP) for the admission procedure. To let you know the imperative status that an SOP holds in your admission, ourSOP writing expertswill now talk about those things that every admission officer looks for in your SOP. Therefore, the next time you begin drafting one for yourself, make it justifies these things.

1. Your writing calibre

The SOP that you draft has to be presented in a coherent and well-organised manner. It should look as if you have given a lot of thought before writing the essay. Even if it deals with your personality, aspirations, and motivations, it is quite enough to give an idea to the assessor on how you will conduct yourself in the university. The assessor also gauges whether you can engage them with your writing or not.

2. In what way you are unique?

Now, you are not alone applying for any specific university right? There are thousands among the bunch, isn’t it? Naturally, you will have to portray how you stand apart from others with your SOP. As per ourSOP writers, your statement of purpose must be efficient enough in shedding light on your personality so that you shine among the rest. Since an SOP is the only thread of communication between you and the admission officer, they will be looking for every detail about you so that they get a feel to have met you in person.

3. What will be your contribution to the community?

An SOP is not just your personal story. It has to provide a sneak peek to all the values and culture that you intend to bring with you and share with the new community of people. So, if you are not able to provide anything new to the assessors, wouldn’t they find it futile to give you admission into the university?

4. Repository of knowledge about respective course/ university

You cannot just think about going to a particular university and get admission in it the next day. The assessors need to see the zeal with which you have researched about your course, staff, and the university. Your SOP must highlight all the main points that put the new university and the country superior to the one you are staying in. Only when they see how passionate you are to study in the university, they will consider your application.

Facing Issues In Drafting a Perfect SOP? What OurSOP Writing ServicesAre For?

Now that the importance of a perfect SOP has dawned upon you, why not begin aiming to write the best SOP for yourself? If you require our assistance in it, just submit all the requirements to us. Just like several other students, ourSOP writing expertsare fully geared up to help you as well. My Assignment Servicespossesses a team of learnedSOP writerswho have mastered the art of bringing out the best-customised SOP for students in different parts of the world. Not just this, the SOP that we draft also passes through multiple levels of quality checks that make it error-less. So, what are you waiting for? Grab all our amazing value-added services with a perfect SOP for your dream university now!

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Frank Barnes

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