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Going Green for Electric Vehicles: International Supply Chain Management

Going Green for Electric Vehicles: International Supply Chain Management
August 19, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

After quite a few years that are derided as a joke from the car manufacturers and public point of view, there has been growing interest in electric vehicles as the government has started its move towards banning the petrol and diesel cars. With Tesla and their revolutionised technologies, electric cars have become the answers to the questions of clean and green mobility. But are we ready for it? These debatable topics in itself is a topic of sustainability which is far from clear. Transport holds the major responsibility factor for emitting 23% of energy-related carbon dioxide on a global scale and this, however, is expected to double by 2050. Motor vehicles have also found to put a burden on people and society, especially in the case of urban environments where they are chiefly responsible for different sorts of pollution. The reason why electric cars are being considered a prime technological factor in terms of cleaning the transport sector. However, electric cars have always come with the problems of their own. Cons of electric vehicle

Problems of Supply Chain

Electric vehicles have a concerned impact on the overall supply chain. Cobalt, which is a prime component under lithium-ion batteries, has been considered under reports of child labor. Nickels has been regarded as the intoxicating material which results in environmental concerns as well as land-use conflicts. Obviously, there is not a single environmentally fit way to recycle lithium-ion batteries. Another prime reason is that the large torque put up by electric vehicles adds to the problem of fine dust which indeed causes greater tire wear as well as dispersion of dust problems.

Same Problems Persisting Everywhere

Both electric vehicles and conventional cars require roads, parking areas as well as other infrastructures to run in, which is typically a problem in cities. There has been a major shift from combustion cars to electric cars to give a chance to people to address sedentary urban lifestyles. Another problem which persists is in the form of congestion where Australia imparts an A$16.5 billion to avoid the social cost of traffic congestion every year. Technology and other regulatory frameworks can solve such technical and environmental headaches. With the effects of improvements in recycling, green energy, and innovation can improve the impacts of battery production.

Paradigm of Change

There are also concerns about climate change which is indeed making a move towards transition towards electric mobility. There have been electric cars as well as e-logistics that can improve the forms of urban mobility and liveability in further years. As per the reports contested by our assignment help experts at My Assignment Services, there have been established car makers who are working on the newest transportation to be worked on the congested markets of China. The phase of electric cars in combination with the smart traffic guidance systems who can avoid urban road congestion. With the world of a growing population, an advanced transportation system might be needed.

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