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Guidebook to Create an Effectual and Constructive Introduction

For an assignment or any other type of write-up, an introduction is like a guide book. As it provides a basic background information for the assignment and the topic areas along with outlines of every idea you will be presenting in the assignments. As a student you need to note that many of the introductions have to be the 10% of the final write-up which needs to also consist of the following points;

  • Introduction about the context or background of your topic (a student could use interesting facts or some of the quotations)
  • Basic reason or the methodology for choosing this particular topic
  • Try explaining the definitions of any of the complex terminology which you plan to refer throughout the assignment. (Note that this part is not a compulsion)
  • You just need to introduce the main ideas that will further stem from the topic/title and also further the order in the student will be discussing them. This doesn’t mean that you have to write everything as for a 3,000-word write-up, just make sure to select between 3-5 ideas and then introduce them in a precise order.
Good Introduction

Make An Introduction Which Reflects That You Are Going To Answer The Question

Introduction Should Be Totally Relevant To The Topic

Indicate the Structure Of Your Answer While Making Clear The Main Areas That You Are Going To Mention

Reflect That You Understand The Issues And Its Implications

Introductions Which Are Unrecognizable

Which include too much background/historical information

Introductions Which Are Too Long

Deviating From The Topic

Poor Introduction

Some general advice about introductions

These generic bits of advice will definitely help you while preparing an effective and impressive introduction:

  • For some students, it’s difficult to proceed with the main body of a write-up until they write the perfect introductions. You just need to be aware of the dangers of devoting too much time into your introductions. As this time can be further saved and channeled into writing and planning.
  • The writer who prefers writing an introduction first in order to explore his own thinking should make sure that he might need to compress the introduction by the end.
  • We suggest that the most effective introductions can be presented in one paragraph which will only occupy a half or three-quarter of the sheet. Basically, while writing your introduction you need to make sure that it is bearing a relationship to the complexities and length of your write up.
  • Reach to the point as soon as you can. A usually noticed error is to just begin either too broadly or too far off the topic. You just need to avoid sweeping all the generalizations.
  • If in any case, your write up includes a thesis, then the statement for the thesis will appear at the end of the introduction, even though there is no compulsion.

How to write an effective introduction?

You as a student need to make sure that the introductions should be composed keeping the following points in mind;

  • Start with finding a startling statistics which further illustrates the seriousness of the issue you are will be going to address.
  • Just quote an expert (Make sure to introduce him or her first)
  • You can make it more engaging by mentioning a misperception which you will be arguing against in your thesis.
  • Provide some necessary information about the background for a better understanding of your write-up.

In fleshing out the introduction, you will have to avoid some common pitfalls:

  • Avoid providing definitions from the dictionary, especially of the words which your audience knows beforehand.
  • Avoid this major mistake of repeating the assignment specifications while using your professor’s wording.
  • Avoid giving details and a lot of in-depth explanations that really belong in your body paragraphs. Try postponing your background material to the body of the essay.

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