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Harvard Referencing Quiz – Think You Know All About Harvard Referencing?

Harvard Referencing is all about knowing the rules and practice! Yes, it’s that simple!

Are you unsure? Or are you confident that you know everything about Harvard Referencing? Confused? Well, you will know for sure, when you take our Harvard Referencing Quiz! What are you waiting for then? Take this fun-filled quiz of 10 questions (must be finished in 5 minutes) and know for yourself!

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Take the quiz and see for yourself!

Question #1: The reference list is arranged in the order in which resources are cited in your assignment.

Question #2: What is the correct reference format for a book?

Question #3: What is the correct reference format for a journal article?

Question #4: Which of these would you NOT put into a book reference?

Question #5: Accurate citing of source materials is important because it:

Question #6: What is this a reference for? HADFIELD, R.B., NICHOLS, E.L and ERNEST, L., 1999. Introduction to Supply Chain Management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

Question #7: Which of these is a journal article?

Question #8: What’s missing from this reference: ILARI, A., 2011. Gucci launches fashion ipad app. WWD: Women’s Wear Daily. 202 (21).

Question #9: This activity will test your ability to create correctly formatted references. Select the elements of the reference in the order in which they should appear to give a correct complete reference in the Harvard style.

Question #10: What type of reference should you use if you’re wanting to cite something from Mintel in your document?


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