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HEAL6028 Health Sciences Research Project Final Report

HEAL6028 Health Sciences Research Project Final Report
May 03, 2019
Author : Keith Morris

This assignment of 50 credits is a deciding factor. I can understand the stress that you must be feeling while writing the HEAL6028 health sciences research project final report. And that is why My Assignment Services, like always, have brought in a nursing assignment help provider to guide you on how to write the assessment answer for this university task.

Beginning to write the assignment

Curtin University

This is an excerpt from the assignment question file that students are asking nursing assignment experts for their help. HEAL6028 health sciences research project final report is a long report, like really long.

To write the perfect report, there are a series of steps that you will need to undertake. They are as follows -

1. Abstract

A research report is incomplete unless you write a mind blowing abstract.

Why? Because most of the professors are going to take a look at the abstract first and judge if your report is even worth the time. So you have to make sure that there are no flaws in the abstract section.

How can you make your HEAL6028 health sciences research project final report best? Begin by giving a brief outline of the literature that you have studied. Now you might be wondering what if you read 50 sources and how are you going to write them all. You don’t have to. Simply select the most important ones. Briefly discuss the sampling method, the primary analysis observations and the methods you used.

The results also form a part of the abstract which are followed by a brief discussion of the key observations and end with the concluding statement.

2. Introduction

A person who is reading your HEAL6028 health sciences research project final report needs something more than a title and abstract. So, for a person who has no idea of what changes are needed in the USA to combat obesity, you need to give a brief introduction.

Highlight some of the primary ideas of the topic, where the current knowledge is lacking and what is that you want to achieve through this study. Except for grades, of course.

And you also need to stretch the critique in the proposal.

3. Aim

Life without an aim is meaningless. So is your HEAL6028 health sciences research project final report without aim.

Define the aims and objectives of this study that you are going to achieve by the time you are typing the conclusion section. Think this through because writing more aims is not necessary, what matters is how many can you think of and achieve.

If your HEAL6028 health sciences research project final report begins off with a hypothesis, then mention them as well. For example, the hypotheses can be "The primary cause of obesity in the USA is eating junk food."

4. Methodology

The HEAL6028 health sciences research project final report will reach a conclusion with the help of some methods and a series of steps. The reader is not going to have a vision and get to know how you achieved the result. Therefore, you need to tell the readers how did you achieve the results that you achieved.

It is not necessary that you follow the methodology mentioned in the proposal. But you should not also entirely change it either.

5. Results

You need to analyse the data gathered and present a readable and understandable result for the HEAL6028 health sciences research project final report.

This result has to be aligned with the research questions that you had defined in the aim section of the report. You can also use the PRISMA guideline for the systematic literature review.

Students playing with quantifiable and numerical data should use graphs and charts to illustrate their data.

6. Discussion

This is a simple section where you have to conduct a discussion with yourself about the key findings and connect them with the limitations of your theory.

7. Conclusion and recommendations

This is something you must know already, right?

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Keith Morris

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