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HI5020 Corporate Accounting Assessment Answer

HI5020 Corporate Accounting Assessment Answer
January 21, 2020
Author : Jess Healy

HI5020 Corporate Accounting is a form of assignment assigned to students studying at Holmes Institute of Australia. This task is conducted at the time of T3 every year. The title of the HI5020 assessment is “Raising funds for corporate operations and liabilities, provisions, contingent liabilities, and contingent assets. Measurement Basis for Assets”. Along with this, you are also required to create a video presentation. The HI5020 Corporate Accounting assessment develops a clear and better understanding of various sources of funds raised by organisations/ companies. In this assignment, you will have to find two different sources of funds used by the company and discuss the growth of such sources of funds by the company in the coming 3 years. If you are a student at Holmes Institute and willing to write the HI5020 assignment on your own, then you will be required to define the major concepts covered under the AASB 137 ‘Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets’ and also discuss the use of these standards by the companies you have selected. Additionally, you must identify every type of asset recorded within the organisation. Holmes Institute

HI5020 Corporate Accounting Assessment Written Task

Firstly, you must collect the last 3 financial years’ annual reports of two ASX listed companies. On the basis of your report, the following task needs to be done:
  1. Find out the various sources of funds utilised by the company selected.
  2. Identify the growth with the use of these sources for a company for the past three financial years.
  3. Find what percentage of funds generated internally and funds generally externally for each company.
  4. Explain the different fund sources of shortcomings and merits utilised by the chosen companies.
  5. Identify the types of liabilities from the balance sheet? Illustrate which liabilities are interest-bearing and which are not.
  6. Define the major provisions that come under the AASB 137 ‘Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets.
  7. State whether the companies you have chosen have made any reference to AASB 137 standard in this annual report or not.
  8. What are the assets categories recorded by your selected companies?
  9. Check out the different measurement basis utilised by the company for each asset.

Guidelines to create a remarkable document

As per our accounting assignment experts, you must include the following things in your document. They are –


An abstract is a 120-150 word paragraph written with a purpose to provide a quick overview detail of your assignment to readers. You must showcase the central idea or thesis and other key points including all the recommended applications or implications you have discussed in your paper. Abstract


It is an important section of an essay, dissertation, case study, report, or any other. It is the first point of contact for your reader therefore, it should be written with a catchy hook to attract the examiner’s eye. Your introduction should include the purpose and aim, why one should read your document, what your paper includes, and brief about the organisation, service, or product.

Body Paragraphs

Here, you must explain the thesis and central idea. It is followed by the introduction and comes just before the conclusion of the paper. Your body section includes multiple paragraphs to present the data and information. A few attributes of a good body paragraph are listed by corporate accounting assignment help experts bellow:
  • A clear topic sentence
  • Supporting details or evidence
  • Suitable examples
  • Cohesion and unity
  • Concluding sentences in such a way that it ties the evidence to the central point

Ending an assignment

The conclusion of an assignment should summarise the details and theme of the paper without being too wooden or dry. Your conclusion should have a few tactics to conclude your assignment. Here’s how you can write the conclusion of your assignment:
  • Restate the topic and explain its importance
  • Paraphrase the thesis statement
  • Include the key points
  • Stick to basic information synthesis
  • Include a question
  • Make recommendations


If you are done with the above steps, it’s time that you include the references. Make sure to check the marking rubric for appropriate referencing styles to be included. You must be well-versed with the different types of references such as APA, Harvard, Chicago, and MLA as well as the marking rubric.

HI5020: Video presentation task

Once you complete the written task for HI5020 Corporate accounting, the next task is to create a video presentation. The video needs to be based on the written assignment which should be no more than 10 minutes. In your video presentation, you must explain the task and key findings of the assignment. Your video should be presented on YouTube and submit the link of YouTube at Blackboard. As per our corporate accounting assignment writing experts, the following are the parameters to mark your presentation: Introduction for video

How to Prepare the HI5020 Corporate Accounting Video Presentation?

Slide 1: Define different sources of finance i.e. internal and external. Slide 2: Explain the internal sources of finance and growth. Slide 3: Equity capital, term loan, and bonds or debentures are the few external factors of finance. Thus, explain these terms. Slide 4: Present the growth of the fund sources used by the organisation over the past 3 years. Slide 5: In the same way, highlight the percentage of the fund generated internally and externally. Slide 6: Describe the related shortcomings and merits of internal sources of funds. Slide 7: Explain the merits and shortcomings of external financing including equity and debt capital. Slide 8: Define AASB 137 Provisions. Slide 9: In the last slide, explain the term Contingent Assets and Contingent Liabilities. So, these were the essential information and guidelines to complete the HI5020 Corporate Accounting assessment. We hope that the above-given information is quite helpful for students looking to get help with their corporate accounting assignments. In case, you do not find the details you were looking for, do send us your queries by using the form available on our website.

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