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HI6008 Assignment 1 Team Charter Report Assignment Answer

HI6008 Assignment 1 Team Charter Report Assignment Answer
April 29, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

One of the primary skills expected of MBA graduates is conducting business research and writing a report on that. Therefore, the assignments are often focused to improve that segment of the academic dimension. But these assignments bring a lot of complexity with them. Hence, to prepare your HI6008 team charter assignment, you can take aid from management assignment help providers.

Writing answers to the HI6008 assignment 1 questions

The assignment has a lot of questions that you need to answer before you can start to attempt the report writing of the assignment. These questions are aimed to give the professor a fair idea of the roles and responsibilities of the team members. Also, the answers to these questions will let you keep a fair check on the assignment’s progress.

Below, I have explained to you what are the various questions and what you need to write in the answers.

Question 1

Question 1 Since you are conducting this research as a team, you need to conduct a brainstorming session with the members so that you can identify the goals of the project. On the basis of the goals of the research, you need to lay out a timeline for the project completion. Remember, your timeline should be realistic. If you are mentioning something like “We are going to start working on the project 3 days before the due date and submit it”, the professor is not going to buy it.

Question 2

Question 2 There are a number of activities that the group will undertake in order to complete the project. Study the various business research processes to identify which one you have to follow. These processes will also give you various responsibilities and tasks that need completion. Assign roles to each and every member and ask them to take ownership of the task's completion and execution.

Question 3

This question is just an extension of the one above. You have already defined the activities that need to be undertaken by the team and have assigned the roles accordingly. In this answer, you need to mention the team-role that will be contributed, i.e. “I am the market analyst, John will be the business development analyst”, etc.

Question 4

Question 4 You need to play this part diplomatically. You are not running a detention camp, so answers like “I will flay him and feed the scraps to the vultures.” are not going to work out. Be gentle, yet firm. Say that the person not turning up for the meetings will be penalised, they will be allowed to leave early if the reason is genuine, etc.

Question 5

Question 5 You are a team, that means that your work should have synergy. If a person is not able to attend the meeting or complete the work due to some emergency, you do not have to cold-hearted like the Night King. Take that into consideration and decide how you 3 will cope with the increased responsibilities.

Question 6

Every team member will have some expectations from a team meeting and the way the team members will participate. The common and wise expectations can be -
  • Completing the task assigned in the previous discussion or have a status update on that
  • Should be able to present ideas on how to improve the journey ahead
  • Should be fully aware of the status of the project till date

Question 7

Question7 Your team members are the same as you. If you are expecting the other members to present new ideas and improve the existing work procedure, they are going to expect the same thing from you as well. Hence, you need to lay down the expectations like -
  • The team members should be cooperative but firm on ethical and moral principles
  • The attitude of the team should be of a learning one

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