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HI6028 Taxation Theory Assignment Answer

HI6028 Taxation Theory Assignment Answer
March 20, 2019
Author : Ashley Simons

There are a number of theories that operate a taxation system. This is why the students pursuing their taxation law courses have to be aware of these theories. But what to do when you get an assignment and are unable to solve it? One such assignment is given in the unit HI6028. Get the answer by taxation law assignment help.

What assignment am I talking about?

There are a number of assignments that a student can get in this course but the one I solved was divided into 2 separate questions. And I know you are not going to like it but there were a few mathematical calculations as well. Nothing like NASA stuff but come on, we are law students, who care about mathematics.

And that is exactly why I am going to give you HI6028 assessment answer so that you do not have to go through this pain.

Question 1

To answer this question, you need to take a look into the tax calculations. Keep the books and calculator handy. First, identify all the working papers for the Brekkie and Lunch and OZ Bottle Shop situated at 50 York Street, Sydney. Have you ever head the expression “Excel is the best friend of a taxation law assignment writer”? No? Well, you heard that now. Since the experts have made it their best friend, it is the time that you also take a step forward and embrace Excel in your life.

Joke’s ended. What is the use of Excel? Every single detail that is mentioned in the question can be mentioned in the Excel sheet. This will allow you to filter out the useful information easily, without much hassle.

This is what the information in the Excel file looks like.

As I said, every decision will be easier to interpret. So, using this Excel, you can see what are the total sales of the shop in the financial year specified. Also, you can check what all components in the working papers make the sales. Comparing that with the expenses identified in the working papers, you can see if the business made any profit or not.

The way I see it, the business had incurred a loss on the account.

Other than that, the question also wants you to find out the money distributed to the debtors. This is under the debtor accounts and includes -

  • Opening balance

  • Receipts

  • Closing balance

The question also wants you to find what is the sum in the creditor accounts. Their components will be -

  • Opening balance

  • Payments

  • Closing balance

In a similar fashion, you will find out the inventory accounts that includes the following -

  • Opening balance

  • Stock purchase

  • Closing balance

  • Inventory consumed

  • Private use

There is another part of this question but due to lack of time, I am going to skip that one. But do not worry, the taxation law assignment writers at My Assignment Services can aid you with that problem.

So, moving on.

Question 2

This question is pretty straightforward. Or is it? What you see may not be always true. This is why the expert is here to help you.

First, you need to learn what is FBT and everything that you should know about FBT before attempting such assignment questions. For that, taxation law assignment services are there to help you out.

And if you notice the question, it also asks you to explain the fringe benefits tax to the employer of a person named John. So, what better way is there to write this assignment answer other than to learn FBT yourself? But that is not an easy journey. Because there is a limited word count allotted to each question, you have to prioritise the information that needs to be included in the answer.

To be able to prioritise the information, you should know everything. To know everything, you should be able to conduct an in depth research and study of the Fringe Benefits Tax. And I am sure you do not have the time required to swim across the ocean. So, where is the bridge? The bridge is in the form of My Assignment Services’ taxation law assignment help online.

Just to show you that we belong to the tribe of the good guys and that we care about you, here is a snapshot of what the answer will include -

Get a solved answer from My Assignment Services!

There is a team of professional taxation law assignment writers with My Assignment Services. We have handled more taxation theory assignments than you can think of. Yes, we are the Batman of the taxation law world. And because you are in our hood, we are going to extend a hand of friendship.

How? If you want a fully solved answer to this assignment, you can request it with our team. And if you want a 100% original and unique taxation law assignment answer, you can put in a request with the team for that as well!

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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