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History and Principles of Public Health Assessment Answers

History and Principles of Public Health Assessment Answers
July 24, 2019
Author : Keith Morris

If you are a student pursuing a degree in nursing then you must be looking for proper guidance for your assignments. My Assignment Services can help you with your history and principles of public health assessment answers. According to our nursing assignment help experts, nurses are believed to be an essential member of the healthcare facilities. Though physicians are life-savers nurses also have a great contribution to patient care. Being in such a noble profession requires great knowledge and efforts. My Assignment Services is a platform meant to address the problems of students with respect to their assignments. We aim not only to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the topic but also guide you with an approach to work in the right direction to successfully complete your assignments.

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Approach for Writing Flawless History and Principles of Public Health Assessment Answers

Whenever students approach us for help, we first consider giving them the proper advice on how we approach the assignments. Let’s have a look at one of the nursing assignments that we attempted.

History and Principles of Public Health

  1. Our approach to the assignment first includes a general definition and description of the public health according to recognised organisations.
  2. Then we focus on the main aspect of the assessment, that is, the history of public health. How the concept of public health emerged and attains its present-day meaning?
  3. What are the core principles that drive the concept of public health?


Public health is defined as the art and science of averting disease, prolonging life and nurturing human health through informed choices and systematic efforts of the individuals, private and public communities, organizations and society. It is based on examining the health of the population and the problems they face. As per the World Health Organization, health is not merely the absence of a disease but a balance between social, psychological and physical well-being. Public health systems are formed with the objective of prevention and treatment of a disease in an individual.


Public health has a very old history. Since the beginnings of the human civilizations, it was known that lack of proper waste disposal methods and polluted water are a major source of spreading communicable diseases.

Principles of public health

  1. It includes plans, directives and courses of actions that may be necessitated by law, documented and made apparent in behaviour and norms.
  2. Public health arranges early diagnosis, treatment, mitigation and rehabilitation of diseases among people with high risk or symptoms of the disease.

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To complete a history and principles of public health assessment answer with good accuracy and writing skills, our experts at My Assignment Services use a unique approach to deal with the assignment. Our experts start with the content of the student’s work report to know their requirements. After assessing the critical aspects of the assessment that need to be addressed, they go through a number of literary sources to learn and justify the content written in the solution. The completion of the assessment is marked with proof-reading to ensure the quality and standard of the assessment. Thus, you can always rely on our services and we ensure to fulfil your expectations of us.

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