HLTWHS002 Follow Safe Work Practices For Direct Client Care Assessment Answer

HLTWHS002 Follow Safe Work Practices For Direct Client Care Assessment Answer
February 29, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

HLTWHS002 is a unit that has been designed for all those students who want to ensure the safety of their clients by delivering safe and sound nursing care practice. When students study this unit, they get a deeper understanding of safe work practices. Also, they get to work in different environments where they have to deliver care to their patients directly.

HLTWHS002 Follow Safe Work Practices For Direct Client Care Assessments make students efficient in regulating the safety of the worker and the rest of the members of the community at large. Our nursing assignment help through guided sessions experts have helped a lot of students gain an insight into the domain of workplace health and safety (WHS) so that they get equipped with all the knowledge to carry out their work in 2 areas, which are home-based and centre-based.

My Assignment Services is a concrete source of support to all those students who want to excel in this unit and enhance their professional experiences. In this blog, we will shed some light on the types of assignments that you will need to complete for this unit.

Assessments Covered Under the Unit HLTWHS002

Our nursing assignment writers have provided excellent assistance to students in all the assignments that fall under this unit. In all the assignments, there is some specific information that needs to be catered to. So, let us discuss each of the assignments in detail and see how we do it.

Assessment 1: Underpinning knowledge questions

Just like any other nursing assignment, even in this unit, the first assessment task is to demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained after studying HLTWHS002.

For this, you will be given certain tasks that you need to complete by using the skill that is required to do it.

Look at the first task.

MAS - activity B

As you can see, in the first task you need to complete the activity and fill in the answer in the given table. Studying the clinical setting that the student has worked in, our nursing assignment help through guided sessions experts mention three policies and three procedures that they follow in that specific clinical setting to ensure the safety and health of the employees.

In the second activity, our nursing assignment writers choose different hazards in a different context as given in the table. We also talk about the method that we will use to record it. In addition to this, we also mention the person whom we would be reporting all this to.

Then, we answer the following questions:

MAS - assignment topics 2

For answering these questions, we touch upon a lot of imperative nursing concepts like six levels of hierarchy controls, workplace policies and procedures etc.

In addition to these questions, there are several other activities that our nursing assignment help through guided sessions experts solve for students. If you wish us to guide you with the entire HLTWHS002 assessment 1 solution, then you can simply contact us.

Assessment 2: Research work/project

The second task of this unit is a research work/project that you need to undertake to demonstrate your knowledge in the following domains of nursing:

  • State/territory legislation and the effects it has on the regulations and industry standards of the workplace
  • Safety symbols and the meaning they convey
  • Identifying hazards
  • Safety measures in the context of a home-based environment

For the next scenario, our nursing assignment help through guided sessions experts explained the MRA mode of transmission, procedures for working with a client who has an MRSA infection etc.

For the next scenario,

MAS - Assignment Topics

After studying this scenario, our experts attempt the questions which are asked for this scenario. However, several other scenarios fall under HLTWHS002 assessment 2. This is just an overview of the assessment. If you require the complete solution of this assignment, then you just need to submit all the requirements to our experts. We will get back to you with the complete reference assignment solution.

Key Points To Include In an HLTWHS002 Follow Safe Work Practices For Direct Client Care Assessment Answer

Whichever assignment you are attempting under this unit, you have to keep some points in your mind just like our nursing assignment help through guided sessions experts do. These are the concepts that are vital for these assignments and need to be included in the solutions.

Make sure the solution that you write for HLTWHS002 include these key points in them:

  1. The solution must cater to safe work practices for direct client care
  2. For controlling the infection of the clients, you need to follow safe work practices
  3. The risks and hazards that you identify in your Safe Work Practices For Direct Client Care Assessment Answerhave to be dealt with safely
  4. When you raise WHS issues in the workplace, you have to contribute towards solving it safely
  5. The main aim of these assessments is to help you reflect upon your safe work practices

Obtain the complete HLTWHS002 Assessment Answer from our expert!

Our nursing assignment help through guided sessions experts at My Assignment Services are a team of professional academicians who have been engaged in bringing out high-quality reference assignment solutions, in different nursing topics. With an experience of over ten years in this industry, we have a firm grip over all the quintessential elements for these assignments.

We also never hesitate to cater to your urgent assignment needs. In addition to this, there are several value-added services which are offered by us that help us stand apart in the crowd. To place an order for HLTWHS002 assignment solution, contact us right away.

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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Keith Morris

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