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How C Students Outperform A Students in the Real World

why c students are more successful
August 31, 2021
Author : Kristy

Today's world is dynamic and keeps on pacing ahead with time. It's crazy how even in this changing world, one thing has always been intact, that is the 'education system'. During the late 1800s, students were confined to the typical classroom setting, wherein students were being trained to become obedient workers to fill the workstations.

With time, scientists have come up with a lot of knowledge about the functioning of the brain. One of the problems they have deciphered is that the existing educational system does not back up the facts that researchers had already proven a long time ago. For example, it is a proven fact that the brain learns better with the help of visuals as compared to text, but the current education system does not have any proof to prove this.

The tests that each student takes are not related to the intellectual abilities of students. As a result, a gap is created between the different types of students such as 'A' grade students, 'C' grade students, etc.

did you know einstein

Do You Know What the Standardised Tests Signal About the Performance of the Students?

It is well-evident how our needs have also changed with time. We can also not deny that the educational system still needs to change to pace with time. It is sad to see how students waste an entire year when they fail in the standardised tests. And, this parameter is chosen to gauge students' thinking abilities or categorise them in "A grade" or "C grade" categories, oblivious to the fact that often, high grades are not synchronous with more successful performance in the real world.

You might be intrigued to know that the purpose of standardised tests is not merely educational; many other forces drive these tests. While people judge students based on these standardised tests, in reality, you would be amazed at How C Students Outperform A Students in the Real World. This is primarily because "A grade" students are more into theoretical concepts, while "C grade" students utilise and apply them in the real world.

Why Are C Students More Successful?

Interestingly, the humans we consider "the powers" in the world are not "A grade" students. A majority of them have performed badly at their schools. Some of the most eminent personalities like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Mark Zuckerberg etc., were some below-average students during their childhood. So, it is a clear indication that low grades do not mean the end of the world; perhaps we can always work upon our weaknesses and turn them into our biggest achievements and accolades.

Would you believe if we say that it is also said that Einstein too had some learning disabilities when he was a child?

The primary reason C students get an edge over A student is that they like to explore their boundaries and do not know to confine themselves in a fixed boundary. Instead, they try to find different ways to break their barriers and learn at their speed and individual style of learning.

Rather than spending time listening to the professors, they give it a thought and try to find out new ways to learn. It is quite easy for any student to memorise something to pass a test, but only a person who spends some time analysing the concepts and applying them in the real world can succeed in the real world. This is why C students are most successful.

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