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How Does the Mega Environment Affect Organisational Growth?

How Does the Mega Environment Affect Organisational Growth
March 14, 2022
Author : Charles Hill

We usually refer to the environment as the things around us, and all the factors like the weather, noise and pollution are the external factors that affect our environment. The changes in the environment depend on various factors and vary based on different geographical locations. Similarly, a business also has a general environment affected by external factors like financial and technological innovations that affect a business's production, distribution, and sales. A mega or general environment is a subdivision of the external business environment comprising all the trends and circumstances that affect the functioning of an organisation.

Technology plays a huge role in production; for example, Apple's iPad retina display is manufactured by their rival organisation Samsung.

The main attributes of a mega environment encompass all the technological and development stages of a business. The research, development, and production of goods and services is a part of the mega environment. Technology here means the general knowledge required for developing a product and not exactly the technological devices or machines used in production.

When a product is under research and development process, it reflects the technological innovations introduced over time and how it helps change the process of goods and services production. Technological changes can build or break a good development operation when the technology helps make the production stage more efficient and fast, which is considered a positive transformation.

A mega environment of a business depends on various factors; technology, economy, political, and socio-economic norms are a few. Such factors greatly affect an organisation's changes, especially the production of goods and services.

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what are the forces that affect the mega environment of a business

What are the Various Mega-Environment Components?

Various factors affect a business and its various processes; such factors can be internal or external. Internal factors are finance, employees, corporate culture, and the recent technology used in the organisation. On the other hand, external factors do not fall under the business or financial sector specifically but still affect the business. These factors include:

Technological Factors

Technological factors are the currently available knowledge for producing goods and services. The technological factors behind producing goods and services greatly impact the organisation's growth and profits. Major industries like electronic devices, automobiles, and other similar industries are more affected by this. New technologies make the task more efficient and swift, whereas old technology can get outdated in a few years.

Economic Factors

The current economic conditions play a vital role in the industry as the world economy and currency power change frequently due to other factors. Some of these economic factors include recession, interest rate changes, stock market prices, etc. Such factors heavily affect the revenues and profits of a business.

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International Factors

The social and political conditions vary in different geographical locations. All these various factors affect the growth and operations of an organisation. A good example of this can be the exchange in currency power as businesses often buy raw materials internationally; the change in currency power affects the purchase of raw materials and hence the whole functioning of the organisation.

Religious beliefs, traditional customs, communal practices, fashion trends, and geographical trends are a few prominent factors affecting a general business environment.

Socio-cultural Factors

An organisation must plan their goods and service products based on socio-economic beliefs and demographic trends to increase its profit. Such elements can result in a major shift in the production and sales processes. A great example of this is the Mcdonald's menu is based on the demographic trends and the socio-economic conditions of a country. You can have vegan burgers in India and Shrimp fillets in Japan's McDonalds. Such practice is good for culture inclusivity and profit.


Various legal factors like safety regulations, employment laws, and property laws affect a business' functioning. These laws vary in different geographical locations; different countries also have varied international trade laws that affect the business processes. Also, the local court decides the laws under which a business will function in a specific geographic location even if it is an international firm.

These are a few of the main attributes of a business' mega environment that affects an organisation's sales and revenues. Also, the business must stay updated on all the latest business, demographic and political trends to transform their operations accordingly. People will choose a more advanced and updated business model than an outdated one.

what are the various business environments

How Did These Forces Affect the Business Environment in COVID?

The world suffered huge losses during the pandemic, be it casualties or financial losses, compromising education or losing a job; all such things affected us. The COVID crises made the world suffer, and various sectors were transformed to adapt to the newer technologies and changes; here are a few most affected business sectors:


According to McKinsey, the pandemic has impacted the automobile industry, making them lose over 100 billion dollars, with revenues decreasing by 20 per cent in 2020. However, automobile producers faced disruption pre-COVID due to technological changes such as self-driving cars, newer industrial equipment, and carpooling.

Did you know that the first gas flame was used for cooking in 1802, and huge-scale commercial gas ovens were introduced in the 1830s?


Cafe's indoor dining might not recover from the COVID crises for months, if not years. There seem to be changes to improve takeout and drive-through services and restructure meals and costs. Finding the perfect combination of special discounts and high-margin goods like appetisers, salads, desserts, and drinks introduced during the lockdown has also greatly changed the food industry operations.


The pandemic changed it all for the banking sector. Risk-management departments are racing against the clock to maintain pace with corporate debt cash flow, loan interest rates and more issues. The computerised screening was implemented for commercial and small-scale businesses for reducing bank losses and maintaining the liabilities and assets framework.


The pandemic has worsened current academic difficulties, like inclusivity, inequity, and dropout rates increased due to the lockdown. Education institutions switched to online mediums, changing education for generations to come. Students completed their education in the safety of their homes and worked from home. Such practice ensures safety yet deprives the generation of the opportunities of socialising.

These are a few industries that were majorly affected by the various changes introduced in the COVID crises. The business sector is about changing and evolving to match the latest technologies and trends. But, the pandemic changed the mega environment largely, and such changes can be good or bad depending on the general effects of the industry.

What Can We Do to Get Used to the Changes After COVID?

When describing the COVID crisis, many call it "the nearest an atheist can get to a religious revelation". Before the pandemic, the world economy was thriving, and new business operations were introduced. Still, as the world was hit with adverse circumstances, we were suddenly in the middle of a dire situation.

The digital data created in the past two years is way more than the amount of digital data combined in the entire human race's history. - LinkedIn

The new technological changes and methods adapted to overcome the vulnerability and bridge the gap for interacting despite social distancing changed the world. From online learning to all the changes in the healthcare sector are the need of the hour, and it will take us a while to get used to. All we must do is be patient and keep adapting to new changes.

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