How Indian Students Face Difficulties in Australian Universities

Difficulties faced by Indian students studying in Australian universities
December 18, 2017
Author : Amy

Indian students who go abroad for studying in Australian universities often face a lot of setbacks and roadblocks. First of all, Indian students seldom overcome the language barrier as English is the native language of Australia and India has diverse pool of region specific languages. Although there are language fluency standardized tests like TOEFL and IELTS that students have to clear before taking admission. Matching up with the diction, tone, accent and fluency of their Australian counterparts can be tough. Let's look at some of the causes of difficulties faced by Indian students in Australia. process-of-adjustment

  1. Culture Shock: Culture mismatch is common when students from India go abroad to study. This happens because of the differences in attitudes, life-style, food habits, relationships and other elements. Moreover, Indian students may find signs for social contact, communication pattern and the value system of Australia to be difficult.
  2. Financial Problems: Pursuing education in Australian universities can be very expensive. Indian students in Australian universities are bound to face monetary problems at some point during their stay in Australia. The cost of studying in Australia includes accommodation rents, living expenses, cost of travelling, tuition fees etcetera. Now, because Australia is not their home country, financial urgency is even more difficult to handle as the students have to wait for some time before helps arrive.
  3. Prejudice: Exclusion is one of the common problems of students studying in Australia. Often, students from India face a lot of biases from their foreign counterparts. Although, discrimination and prejudices are not supported by universities, it’s no denying that it happens in universities all around the world.
  4. Home Sick: Staying away from friends, family and own community in general can be hard for students. Students close with their family and friends might find it tough to live in another country with different people and different culture. Although, home sickness is not generally considered a huge issue, it leaves a lasting impact on a student’s psychological development.homesick
  5. Social Abuse (Racial misconduct): There have been innumerable instances in the past where Indian students have been abused mentally or physically. Students have been roughed up because of their ethnicity, language and colour. Again, universities do not tolerate this but there is no denying that it happens. It does and it happens often.

These factors almost often influence students and have a prolonged effect on their education, during and after their time in Australia. There are dedicated student counsellors in every university whose only responsibility is to see whether foreign students are adjusting well to Australian norms and culture. Indian students studying abroad can approach their respective student counsellors and discuss any and every issue related to studying in Australia.

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