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How Many of These Essay Facts and Myths Did You Know About?

How Many of These Essay Facts and Myths Did You Know About?
May 06, 2020
Author : Alex

When it comes to drafting flawless essays, students most often get demotivated. There can be several reasons behind this, the extensive length of the essays, formal tone and style of writing, insufficiency of knowledge, a dearth of time and so on. In addition to these, there are several myths about essays that take them off track. So, it’s time that our experts burst out all themyths about essay writingthat probably have come across your mind as well.My Assignment Serviceshas played a pivotal role in the lives of those students who find it challenging to write impeccable essays. In this blog, we will help you get rid of theessay writing mythsand know the facts associated with essays. But before that, pay attention to theselinking words that can be used in essays. linking words for essay For essays, there is no foundation on the choice of words, except for the use of casual words. Thus, you can go on exploring different words to flaunt off your vocabulary. Some of the linking words that you can use in your essays are given in the infographic above. There are numerous others as well that can transform your essays into unmatchable ones and fetch you the grades that you have always desired for! Now, time to bust themyths about an essaythat you have in your minds and replace them with real facts.

6 Essay Myths And Facts as Per Our Professional Essay Writers

When it comes to writing an essay, students tend to live in the delusions of several myths and grow up believing in them. This not only devoid them of all the requisite skills for essay writing but also hinders their path of securing the grades that they have always wanted.To stop this, ouressay helpexperts in Canadahave culminated a list of sixessay myths and factsthat will make you think twice before writing an essay.

Myth #1: Students need to choose an impressive topic for the essay

Well, most of the time students are already given topics for their essay assignments. Sometimes, they are given the liberty to choose their topic. In that case, the ball is in their court. What the majority of students do in that situation is they go for some complex topic, just to impress their professors. Fact #1: On the contrary what our professionalessay writerssuggest here is to opt for a topic that is not only easy but relevant to their course as well. This will enable students to cut down their efforts on the research part. The topic chosen should be such that you feel passionate to write upon that. If your interest lies in the topic, then you will write comparatively better essays.

Myth #2: Essay assessments are easier as compared to other assignment tasks

It is a general perception that the essay assignments that are rolled out to students demand the least amount of effort and time as compared to other assignments that students get. Fact #2: In reality, the same amount of effort and hard work goes in for completing the essay assessments, just like any other assignment. Rather, an essay requires students to consider a lot of points in mind such as theessay structure, theessay format, credible resources, sticking to the word count, using authentic references etc. Also, the scope of an essay is extensive and constitutes a variety of types such as the narrative, expository, persuasive, argumentative, analytical and more.Keeping all these points in mind, the task of crafting unmatchable essays becomes one of the toughest tasks for students.

Myth #3: An Essay follows no specific format

A lot of students overlook the importance of writing essays in a fixed format. As an essay is a personal opinion, the majority of students write it as per their choice. Fact #3: As per ouressay writing helpexperts, there is an essay format that is universally accepted in all the universities globally, that is the five-paragraph essay format. This constitutes an introduction, three body paragraphs and one conclusion at the end. Ouressay writersadhere to this format for writing a formal essay assignment and advise students to follow the same.

Myth #4: There is no restriction of word count in an essay assessment

This is the most common myth associated with an essay. Although the guidelines are provided with each essay, students believe that they can write the essay according to their wish. Fact #4: Just like any other assignment, an essay assignment too carries a fixed set of rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to strictly. Both an essay that exceeds the essay length required or the one which does not meet the requirement is futile and doesn’t fetch top-notch grades to students. For easy tips, do read our blog orhow to match the essay length requirements? Hopefully, after going through this blog, you will be able to produce essays that meet the exact word limit, as provided to you.

Myth #5: Grammar is the only criteria to check in an essay

Typically, it is believed that grammar is the quintessential factor for every essay. Undoubtedly, it is. However, it is not just the only one. Fact #5: There are so many elements of an essay that need to be taken care of, other than the use of proper grammar. As per ouressay help Canadaexperts, adhering to a formal tone and style is another point that one must take care of while writing an essay. Similarly, using proper references and in-text citations, writing authentic and unique essays etc are some of the other vital criteria that must be looked after in an essay.

Myth #6: The main thesis statement comes just in the introduction

We have observed that most of the students who lose out their grades in an essay assignment are the ones who include the thesis statement only in the introduction. Fact #6: The main argument or the thesis statement in an essay indeed comes in the introduction. Also, ouressay writersinclude it in the conclusion. This is because it allows the readers to ponder over the solutions to the problems that have been addressed in the essay. Therefore, through the thesis statement, our professional writers focus on the re-iteration of the main ideas in the conclusion. These are the6 most common myths and facts associated with essay writingas per our essay experts. We hope we could burst out these myths for you. If you still have any confusion regarding any of the aspects of an essay, then you can always contact us. We will be happy to guide you with your doubts.

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