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How Many References Are Enough in a 3000+ Word Essay?

References in Essay
July 01, 2021
Author : Kristy

You are in a university and they require an essay that doesn't tell you how many words it should and how well the references will be used. Either university where you're the most widely accepted skills in most academic areas is a swaying and impartial system. The reality is, the essays can be long and brief so that outstanding writing skills are essential. In this article, we shall lay the foundations for you to establish the content capabilities that are so vital to every study so that the job of the test is not hard for you at all. A number of actions must be taken while making bibliographical references

The title, author, publishing day, and title shall be indicated if derived from a book in different ways, following or organized accordingly to where the reports come from. See what extra we have with you in this essay which contains a wide range of essay information! The principal purpose is to ensure, so that no problems emerge, that the data it presents in a trial is genuine! The complete information gathered from journals, websites, books, or libraries is specified, their names, writers, and year, so that if you're looking for more information you can simply find it.

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Why Is Referencing Important?

The technique to show your readers that you have really engaged with your topic is through including references in your essay. It is significant as well, as it shows that you have read the main sources relating to your subject. Moreover, they demonstrate you have thoroughly thought on how each source connects to the issue about which you are writing. The better you provide references, the better versed you seem to be about your subject. Nor is it necessarily a question of quantity. Quality sources are indeed worthwhile mentioning which informs your composition. An excellent academic practice is including references. If you continue to research your subject deeper, write much more and distribute your work and provide credit to authors from whom you have taken inspiration and knowledge. A reference also gives useful benefits for future work.

The characteristics of references:

It must be added to a list of references when an assignment is created in the text.

It is necessary to cite the argument or reality based on other published material.

The list of references that were not included in the text of the published material cannot contain any item.

The list of references must have line spacing 1.5.

All research and academic tasks must be documented. For this, data available today in other works of others (essays, publications, blogs, etc.) must be consulted. The bibliographic base of your work is all this material accessed and should be expressed in quotations and bibliographical references.

The list of references, on the other hand, is generally in chronological order and therefore allows users to easily and effortlessly view and verify the references!

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Learn how to acknowledge any source of information using the APA 7th style.

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Why Do You Need to Have References?

Basically, references are a means of recognising work before you and demonstrating where your proof for a certain claim comes from. There are many students who think that the quotations are largely a method of catching them: their lecturers or teachers or examinees are looking for spots where they have not read and credit the items they should've just studied..

But they're not for that. Yes, some essential work will happen in an area that you would want to study, but if you don't realize it exists and thus didn't cite, it's not necessarily your responsibility. It is no plagiarism if you keep coming up with a separate concept that someone else has already come up with. Rather, the reason your examiners point to what has already been written so you may take advantage of the effort of others by studying what may be a more sophisticated and exhaustive account of your viewpoint (after all, someone probably got paid to write it). That means that you'd have references where you used the work of others to influence your own thoughts.

In addition, when you make an experimental assertion (one based on world observations), you should also have sources and support that claim. For instance, you might say that a thousand chickens are poached each day from farms worldwide. For you to assert that without a quote, it must be common knowledge. Since public knowledge is improbable, you should have some type of source from which you draw. That indicates somebody who came to examine your work and wants to look at the point you made. Then you may go to that place to find out what you say.

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How Many References Are Too Many References?

Too many references can be used, of course. This will be clear and will not impress the marks if you use references alone to indicate all books you have read. The sources that make a difference in the essay are to be chosen, supported, contested, or interesting issues raised.

Note that the markers would also like your own original ideas to be demonstrated. There is little opportunity for your unique point of view to shine by using too many references. Generally, each important argument you make should be supported with one to three. This naturally depends on the subject and the issue you talk about, but it is a good general guide.
Should assist you to choose how many references to be used, it might help to have the best practice breakdown of your essay. Here is a rough approach that helps you manage any academic assignment correctly:


Around 10% of your essay should form your beginning. You may wish, based on your word count, to include one or two references in this part to describe a topic.


Approximately 75% of your essay should be the primary content of the essay (which includes the major points in your reasoning). For instance: You will utilize 1500 words in a 3000-word essay. In general, 1-3 paragraphs should be used in each key point, an average of about 200-400 words. This gives you room for around five essential points, each with two or three sources. Whenever feasible, try using direct or main references. Sometimes in-text references also have to be used


The reality is that a lot of references that are necessary for a 3000-word essay are not necessary in particular. You simply need to include the real and lawful reference which only appears. You may keep it basic, add very little and share as much as you like at the same time. The criteria are easy, though, until specific references, in particular, are requested by the inspectors.

Make sure the references are doing work. When individuals question how many references they should have, frequently what do they actually attempt to ask, "How much would I have to read?" I'm here just to tell you that if this is not your query, and you really believe that symbols just cross your references and look at the number of sources as a heuristic for your qualities. If they do nothing, you should not merely drop references into your work. To define every single term, you do not have to consult the Oxford English Dictionary. You don't have to include the same item in a free number of referrals from other individuals. An exception to the latter rule is if you want to show the variety of work in a region.

Honestly, how many writers you quote doesn't necessarily. It is what you do with these references that matter.

What Does That Mean?

You should engage with the texts you quote critically. You should question yourself (and reply to them in your essay) why the claim you are making is supported rather than simply tossing an author and a date. What about their argument do you disagree with when you quote an author, so that you may disagree with them? Why? If you answer these few easy questions, the originality of your essay will increase significantly, as they demonstrate that you think about literature and the theme you deal with, rather than trying to combine a case to support it appears academic with few citations.

The Bottom Line

Make sure you read a fairly wide selection of good quality materials.

Please consider the reasons you quote someone and when a quotation is required (to support a point or to recognize that your opinion was preceded by another authoror affected by it). While referencing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you have to practice it often and keep yourself familiar with the latest edition, for example, APA 7th style. If you still struggle with referencing your sources, avail our assignment help.

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