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How to Approach Your Ratio Analysis Assignment? Expert Say

Ratio Analysis


A stepwise approach to an Accounting & Finance assignment that is followed by professionals to bring out the best quality.

Ratio analysis is an important part of Accounting & Finance course for it looks into the different calculations of ratio that indicates the financial health of a business firm. The most important aspect of ratio analysis is the overflow of data (numerical) that the expert needs to go through. Without proper knowledge and experience in the same, even beginning such a data-laden assignment would be a pain. The data that needs to be analysed must be done in accordance with Profitability ratios, Liquidity ratios, Gearing ratios.

The Steps (Our Professional Follow It for Every Accounting Assignment)

Let us have a look at a question to get a better idea.

Accounting & Finance

Here, the question primarily demands a complete analysis of financial statements of a company. Hence, the first task is to select a company and download its financial statement from the website. In this case, I, as an expert, used the company British Petroleum of UK.

A financial statement can be a lengthy document of about 300-500 pages or even longer. It contains everything, right from the inception to the present date. The recent issues and the plans to work it out are also comprehensively mentioned in the document. Here, is a brief description of what all topics need to be addressed while preparing the assignment.

What is a ratio analysis

So, the expert, (in this case, me), doing the assignment needs to be very proficient in the task.

Usage of Accounting Terminologies

Another element to consider while doing these ratio analysis assignments is using proper academic vocabulary such as Profitability ratios, Liquidity ratios, Gearing ratios. The usage is not just limited to the semantics of it, but the technical aspect well. Some of the most commonly used terms are:

  • Sales and revenue
  • Operating profit (Profit before interest and tax – PBIT) or even net profit (profit after interest and tax – PAIT)
  • Fixed assets (Non-Current Assets)
  • Inventories and stock
  • Debtors and trade receivables
  • Creditors and trade payables
  • Long-term liabilities and Non-current liabilities


The most intriguing part of this assignment is the analysis of increasing or decreasing of the any of these indicators. The issues that led to the fall or its rise must be precisely specified in the assignment, which is to be written in a report format.

Proper Referencing is Always A Must (Including Authentic Academic Sources)

Academic writing is considered a tough nut to crack, because of the knowledge required, the structure of academic assignments and the knowledge sourcing.

The last one, sourcing of information, is quite a challenging task considering the vast availability of academic books and journals on the internet.

One of the most useful tools for this purpose is Google Scholar. Most of the journals are available for free on this platform. However, some may not be accessible for which your university library can compensate the same. Some of the most common platforms where journals on Accounting & Finance can be found are:

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