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How To Cite A Poem- The Best Guide Ever

how to reference a poem
October 11, 2021
Author : Kristy

“How to cite a poem?”- This is one of the most common questions under the purview of students all over the world. Why not, this question is fully capable of becoming a nightmare for them, owing to the variety of referencing styles that one may come across in this task. Even you might be wondering what all to remember, and what not to.

Worry not, as this blog will answer all your questions. In this, we will present “How To Cite A Poem”- The Best Guide Ever! Our academic writing help experts have done all their bit to equip you with all the necessary information about citing poems in different academic writing styles. In this blog, we will help you to know how to reference a poem.

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Why Cite a Poem in Academic Work? Here Are a Few of the Reasons

Like every other student, even you might be interested to know the reasons why scholars cite a poem in any of the academic works. Hover over the following points to know how citing a poem can better your work.

  1. To elevate the quality of the content in your assignment
  2. To make the work more credible
  3. To present a critical analysis of the assessment
  4. To demonstrate varied perceptions
  5. To give an insight into the work of others

There are so many different types of referencing styles, but there are three major referencing styles that students use to cite a poem in any of the academic works. These include MLA, Harvard, and APA.

Let us now discuss how to cite a poem in these referencing styles.

How To Cite A Poem In MLA Referencing Style?

Now we will present forth How To Cite A Poem- The Best Guide Ever so that you can understand it and then apply it in your work.

This is how we cite a poem using MLA referencing.

In-text- If you wish to quote a line from any poem in MLA referencing style, then this is how we do it. We have to use double quotation marks before and after the line that we have taken from the poem. After this, we need to use slashes to separate the lines.

MLA referencing style

As you can see in the above example, we have separated two sentences with a slash. Also, we have used quotation marks before and after the quoted line.

Now, when it comes to quoting some lines or paragraphs from a poem, there are some guidelines to follow. These are:

  1. The lines from the poet must get separated from the text and begin with a new paragraph.
  2. There must be a two-inch indentation from the left-hand side of the text
  3. In between each line, there must be double spacing
  4. The lines that we use in the citation must be exactly the same as the original poem.

Let us give you an example of this to give you a better understanding of how this works when you will do it yourself.

Cite Poem Example

This is how our academic writing help experts cite a poem in different work in MLA referencing style. Now, let us proceed with the next referencing style and demonstrate how to cite a poem in Harvard referencing style.

How To Cite A Poem In Harvard Referencing Style? This Is How Our Academic Writers Do It

This is more similar to the APA style of referencing. Let us quickly give you an idea of the in-text and bibliography citations for this.

In-text citation- The citation will be in the last of the quotation. Here, we need to include the last name of the author, the year in which the poem was published, and the page numbers.

text citation Example

Bibliography- In the reference list, the purpose is to mention the book in which the poem has been published.

This is how our academic writing help experts cite a poem in Harvard style as shown in the below image.

Harvard style Example

This is how to reference a poem in Harvard style referencing. Similarly, there is also APA style referencing that is used to cite a poem in different academic works. If you wish to know more about how we do it, or if you wish us to guide you through any of the other problems associated with citing a poem in academics, then you can simply hand us over the work whenever you feel comfortable.

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